Saturday, December 20, 2014

Uranus turns Direct

Uranus Shakes It Out

AT 5:44pm (EST) tomorrow (December 21st  )  Uranus the planet of change,  will turn direct.   How much has your life changed since July 22nd?  What type of cuckoo has landed in your life?  Are you empowered by the cuckoo?   Of course, Uranus retrograde brings a certain amount of restlessness.  And it is hard to remain restless for five months.   But come December 21st many of us will feel a rocket booster taking off.  Hurray.  It does not mean rockets blasting on the 22nd but there will be a shift.  Remember this is a global astrological event.  Uranus in Aries is putting the emphasis on all of us and our personal responsibilities.  If we are waiting for someone else to fix a problem or someone else to step up and help or someone else to find a breakthrough…well, we are wasting our time.  We know that we all have to step up and do something.  Aries can be a selfish sign for sure.  All about number one, but more to the point with Aries is taking personal initiative to get something done.  Having a personal vision and sticking with it---  That is a gift.  Watch what Uranus tells you after Dec 21st.

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