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Aquarius New Moon 2016...are you weird yet?

Feb 8, 2016
9:38am EST
19 Aquarius 15

Ah... here we are in Aquarius Lunar phase.    And you know what?   We need it.
It is time to get your weird on and you feel it.
You will find my full report here on Margaret Wendt's site.  

Here is a snippet...go to link for full report.  

Aquarius New Moon

When was the last time you celebrated being weird or odd?  When was the last time you felt electricity running through you?  When was the last time you had a light bulb go off ?   When was the last time you gathered with others for a communal effort?   It has been awhile.  You know it and I know it.

Inside everyone is a genius.  I’m not saying that everything you do or say is brilliant. But occasionally you get something so right it is genius.    What is THAT impulse?     In everyone there is an activist.  I’m not saying you spend every day walking into a crowd shouting, “Union, union” but there are times when you know something is so wrong that you join with others to push on the status quo.  What is THAT impulse?   In everyone is a great friend.   I’m not saying that you bend over backwards every day of the week for a compatriot but there are times when you know you need to have a laugh, a drink, a cry, a connection with a good friend.   What is THAT impulse? 

Yes, welcome to Aquarius. 

During the Aquarius twenty-nine day cycle we explore these impulses. But let’s own it right now….these impulses  cannot be easily explained.     Seriously, how do you explain brilliance?  Or what activates a person to take up a cause?   Or how do you explain friendship?   Ask a person to explain why they want love or money and you’ll get an easy answer. Ask a person to explain why someone wants to be big shot and you will bump into an ego answer pretty fast.   And sure it is not too hard to explain why someone chooses empowerment or sex.    But how do you explain the human spirit when it pursues friendship, genius, brilliance and activism?     How do you explain being weird?   How do you explain that electrical energy you feel when you meet someone who is not a lover but they just effin’ get some part of you?   That, my friends, is Aquarius.   

Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac.   In Gemini, the first air sign, we are busy communicating with our neighbors, our siblings, enjoying gossip in papers and blogs.    In Libra the air is loftier and we are talking to our partner and figuring ways to find balance and reciprocity.   By the time we get to Aquarius, the air speaks to us in a universal manner.  It is how we find our humanity.     How do we connect with one another beyond the obvious?   Sure, find your wife or husband and you know how to connect.   Find your children and you know how to connect.   Find your boss and you know how to connect.  Find your minister or teacher and you know how to connect.  But how do you connect with other humans on an unspoken tribal level?   That is Aquarius. 

Like the twelve-chakra system where the eleventh chakra is above the body, Aquarius sends out a beep to the universe and waits to see who beeps back. 

In many ways the power of Aquarius is dismissed by people.  “I don’t like groups”  “Sure I have friends, but where am I going to meet my husband?!”  “Yeah, I guess that idea I had was brilliant but who cares I want a new house.”     It is easy to want the obvious like love, money etc.   But let me tell you, your life would be WAY more difficult if everyone marginalized Aquarius.   You would not be driving to the market, flying to Boston or surfing the INTERNET if people had not celebrated the weird ideas that brought us the car, plane and World Wide Web.  And you sure as hell would not be reading this article on a computer if it were not for Aquarian energy.    The people that made all of this so, all of them heard a beep and found their people.       What beep are you hearing?  Who are your people?

For this twenty-nine day lunar cycle I am going to ask you to not marginalize the Aquarian energy! 

If you bump into a brilliant idea pursue it.  And by the way many 

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