Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Virgo Full Moon February 22

I'm trying to get out in front of my New & Full Reports a little earlier these days.
Virgo Full Moon is next week on the 22nd.

Virgo Full Moon
Feb 22 1:19pm EST
23 Virgo

Virgo Full Moon

On Aquarius New Moon we all agreed to celebrate our brilliance, our weird and to find our tribe.     As much as we want to focus on love, money and family we all agreed not to marginalize friends or the power of group consciousness, which are hallmarks of Aquarius.     Now here we are at Virgo Full Moon and we once again are being asked to NOT marginalize.  This time the powerful dynamics of Virgo.
Virgo is when we look at our diet, our daily schedule and our habits.    And we really ask ourselves on Virgo Full Moon —“What the hell is going on?”   Seriously, how do you spend your day? This is not a rhetorical question.       Look at your Monday – Friday calendar and figure out how many hours are spent doing what?    Are you slaving away at a job you loathe?  Are you running around cleaning up other people’s messes?  Are you catering to everyone else?   And how much of your day is focused on insecurities?  Or if not focused on insecurities how much of your day is rooted in insecurities?    

And how many loose ends have been on your “To-Do” list for months and months waiting for you to address as soon as you take care of _____________?    When I was younger I had a friend who used to say, “Count the pennies and the dollars count themselves.”    Yes, of course, if we stop spending money on little silliness we will find ourselves with more money available for big important stuff.  Sure, got it.  But with Virgo, let’s not talk about money.  Let’s talk about TIME management.    How many seconds are wasted every day on stuff that is not life-affirming?    

The Sun in Pisces challenges the Moon in Virgo because Pisces wants to get lost and say, “Why bother?”    Feeling lost, feeling helpless, feeling overwhelmed is the hallmark of unprocessed Pisces.   Higher functioning Pisces will feel lost at times but at the same time believe in something bigger, aka God, Spirit—Faith and it is willing to trust. Again, that is higher functioning Pisces.    

Unprocessed Virgo is insecure and highly critical of any thing, any one and any motive.    On the other hand, high functioning Virgo will look at a situation, figure out a strategy to improve and then move on it. And if the strategy fails it will go back and find a new plan.    Virgo is after all, mutable, meaning adaptable.     But it is only adaptable when it is higher functioning and it is only higher functioning—when it has faith.   That thing it gets from Pisces.   Ah, the rub.   See why we learn to look at what makes our schedule and our faith on Virgo Full Moon?  The light bulb is hopefully turning on. 

On this Full Moon, the Sun is in a wide conjunction with Neptune.  And although the Sun/Moon is not caught in the Saturn/Neptune square, the energy is in play through Neptune.     What does that mean?  Depression and righteousness could come up during the phase, which like all phases last about 3.5 days.   During this full phase watch and see if you have insights into your calendar and if you are stuck in routines that no longer serve you.   Check also to see if there are loose ends that can be tied up.   Take a hard look at your insecurities and see if some of them can be jettisoned.    And of course, if there is anything gnawing at you from your To-Do list, finally commit to taking care of it.    If you find yourself feeling fuzzy (Neptune) and can’t muster the energy to take care of it, I would encourage you to meditate or go to church or just get on your hands and knees for good ol’ fashion prayer.   Neptune and Pisces will be thrilled that you are reigniting the power of faith.   And sometimes that takes hard work and discipline (Saturn).   Also, you can work on daily affirmations.   Here’s one:   “I’m happy and grateful that I have an abundant life”   You come up with your own but try to always start it with happy & grateful.

And, if you feel depressed (Neptune/Saturn), okay, sure, it happens.  But do not let it get in your way.   You may need some group activity or go out and do something with friend to shift your head space.  Remember we are still in the Aquarius lunar cycle so finding like-minded people will help as you process your daily life.    In the meantime enjoy the power of Virgo discernment and tidy up calendar and your brain!     Snap, snap, snap, that is the sound of stupid insecurities breaking.   Bravo.


  1. My Pisces sun/Virgo asc thanks you for this.

  2. "Neptune and Pisces will be thrilled that you are reigniting the power of faith. And sometimes that takes hard work and discipline (Saturn)."
    Wow! So succinct and so true with Saturn squaring Neptune this year! Most importantly you've captured the meaning of Saturn's conjunction to Neptune at the time of Neptune's discovery! Thanks!!!