Sunday, March 12, 2017

This Week Astrology: March 13-18

We start this week in Full Moon.   How are the details of our life helping us?  How are the details of our life bogging us down?  Are we getting in our own way?  
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Mercury stuff
Mercury moves into Aries on 3/13.  Things will get fiery.  Words will probably be sharp.   Yes, some people will be hunting for bear with every verbal exchange.   We should not be surprised if   conversations get heated.    Mercury will be building towards its bi-annual square to Pluto in Capricorn on 3/23.   How are our words building a separate identity?  Are structures and hierarchies looking like blocks to new roads?  Do we ditch them or transform the structures?   On 3/26 Mercury will get on top of Uranus, which brings out even more independent thinking and chaos out of our rebellious thoughts and conversations.   Again, structures look ripe for challenging.   We will be looking around our life and we see who we are always ‘answering to’ and it may feel off.   What are we getting back from this ‘authority’?  Is it working?    Or if it is not a person it could be a system that feels off.     Also on the 3/26 Mercury will cross its shadow point.    Here comes the yellow lights.    From 3/26 until April 9 we will be in the shadow period.    Which means things that come up during that window will probably be revisited (perhaps a lot) during the retrograde and until we cross the post shadow point on May 21st.     No you don’t stop breathing or living your life because you are in a Mercury shadow or retrograde.   But note that you may revisit topics a few times in this window.

We move into Disseminating Phase on March 16 where we learn to share power.   And on the 17th Sun squares Saturn, which can be a force of hard work—or maybe a little depression.    Sigh.

 Full Moon Phase
March 12, 2017
10:53am EDT
22 Virgo 13

Special focus:
3/13: Mercury enters Aries

March 16
9:10am EDT

Focus on:  How are you sharing power?  How are you sharing the ability of “letting go”?  How are sharing the power of ‘release’?  How are you sharing transformation?  What are you learning about sex, death and rebirth?

Special focus:
3/17: Sun square Saturn.   Beliefs versus faith, are they in sync?  Hypocrisy will be highlighted.  Depression vs righteousness. 
3/20: Sun enters Aries

3/23: Mercury square Pluto:  Thinking and communication is strident.  Harsh.  Under the roughness is thoughts of transformation.  

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