Friday, March 3, 2017

Venus Retrograde

 March 4, 2017
4:09 am EST

Venus, the planet of love and values, will retrograde on March 4 at 13 degrees Aries and end the backward dance on April 15 at 27 degrees of Pisces.   

Venus retrogrades about once every 18 months and it lasts six weeks.  Venus does not retrograde as often as Mercury but the lessons of Venus retrogrades are just as profound.  With Mercury  it is our thinking that needs a tune up.  With Venus we need to tune up our value and what is our values.    Are we valued?  Who and what do we value?  And in the sign Aries we need to really value self.   Is our self worth ‘off”?  

Many people will understand the value of independence during these six weeks. And for some they will know the importance of being on their own because they are unfortunately not on their own.    “I just want to do it myself” will be said and thought many times during the six week retrograde.   And given we already have Jupiter in Libra pushing on Uranus and Mars, the scale is tipped to ‘independence’ and breaking out.   Now let’s not get ahead of ourself and think all relationships are going to break up and those people who are alone are really destined to be alone.  Nope.  Many couples will find themselves living rather independent lives during this retrograde but then at the end of the period they come back to each other refreshed and ready to tell tales of their adventures and the new roads that have been paved. 

And those people who are alone may assess if their desire to be alone is out of self-preservation and fear more than not meeting the ‘right person’.     Remember Venus retrograde is starting in this contemplative Pisces lunar cycle where we reflect on release and letting to.   What beliefs about love (and money) do we need to release?    During this cycle we are getting gentle nudges from the universe about our values.   Let’s be kind to our self during the process but consider the inner prompting that we  receive and how to move on them going forward.   

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  1. Dear Bathsheba Venus, what is this apple doing in the Bible? (Proverbs 5:19, 25:11) The Holy Grail Cup of Astrology is sealed when Juno, Venus and Pallas Athena are within 1 to 15 degrees Scorpio, in Libra, and within 15 to 30 degrees Virgo. Venus likes to be in Libra with Juno and Pallas in Scorpio and Virgo. See what your family and close ones can find for the three olives in the Holy Grail cup of the supper of Jesus Christ. Venus is the black olive. If you have Eris on 15 degrees Aries, she may make you drink it for Ezekiel too, otherwise someone else will. (Matthew 20:22-23) This is my cup of the blood of the covenant of my resources. Drink it from ancient dates to the modern dates anew. Many people must drink together so that they are able to find the Holy Grail Cup. Children with their parents, and such is the way. Astrology is to be a gathering of spirits for our Father in heaven. (1 Corinthians 11:18-34) That was quite the Retrograde; how long has it been since you and Hercules fell off the Wagoneer?