Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
29 Sag
Dec 3
2:34am EST

Let’s get our head around Mercury Retrograde.   

On December 3 at 2:34am EST Mercury stations retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius.    Note that degree—29.  There are only 30 degrees in a sign so this is quite a statement for Mercury to stop and turn around at the final degree.   Imagine driving to your destination and just as you are about a block away from the hotel you turn the car around and go back to a point halfway through the journey.   What would be the purpose of such a move?     Let’s assume we missed something on the journey and need to go back and catch it again.

In this case with Mercury retrograding in the sign Sagittarius we may be missing the importance of:
Enthusiasm or perhaps misguided enthusiasm
Philosophy or perhaps misguided philosophies
Judgments or misguided judgments
Education or misguided education
Humor or misguided humor
Optimism or misguided optimism.
Traveling or misguided traveling 

Mercury in Sagittarius can be some wild thinking.  Imagine a bucking horse, braying and snorting at first blush we might dismiss the wild horse as being skittish but maybe there is something the horse knows that we are missing?

Watch your thoughts for the three weeks as Mercury travels back to 13 degrees of Sag.  Watch what you read and what you hear.   It is inspiring?  Does it fire you up?   Do you need the fire?   Is it the truth?   And if it is not the truth can you be smart enough to know what is true? 

Mercury will retrograde back until it reaches 13 degrees Sag on December 22 and then it will turn around one more time and head forward again going over all those degrees for a third time.   

With this particular Mercury retrograde we should assume there is something about our thinking and communication that needs a tune up or perhaps overhaul.      Saturn has been in Sagittarius since 2014 and it leaves Sag on December 19th (the day after the Sag new moon) and moves into Capricorn.  It won’t return to Sagittarius for 27 years so this lesson of Saturn in Sag has to last us for a while.   But remember when Saturn moves into Capricorn Mercury will still be chugging backwards in Sag.  It is as if the Universe is saying, “Hey, all those great lessons you learned for the last two years with Saturn—let’s make sure your brain really understands the work by getting Mercury to slow down and go back and rethink some Sag stuff one more time.”

We should also discuss that the Sag new moon is at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, which is the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.   When Mercury turns retro it’s happening right near the Galactic Center.    And then after it goes direct it will hit the Galactic Center again on January 8.    We will discuss more about the Galactic Center in the Sag New Moon report but remember this dark black hole in the center of our galaxy is about the same size as four million suns.   It is the source of our gravity.    When planets touch the Galactic Center we can assume there are forces at work that we may not see but are very powerful.    Between Mercury retrograding near the Galactic Center and Saturn spending most of November near it and the New Moon launching on the middle of it---- We are being asked to pay attention to the forces around us and inside of us pushing and pulling all especially through this Mercury retrograde.   And definitely let’s assume nothing is random or coincidental, my friends.

Dates to note:

On November 14 Mercury crosses shadow point.  (13 Sag)
On December 3 at 2:34am EST Mercury turns retrograde  (29 Sag)
On December 22 at 5:50pm EST it turns direct  (13 Sag)
On January 10 Mercury crosses the shadow point (29 Sag)

Yes, yes, yes—there is the usual stuff that comes up with Mercury retrogrades, miscommunications, broken technology schedule conflicts, lost stuff, appointment snafus, you know, double check everything.

Have a good retrograde

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