Friday, November 3, 2017

Taurus Full Moon! Yay!

Taurus Full Moon
11 Taurus 58 
November 4 (EDT)  1:22am
November 3 (PDT)  10:22pm

What a lovely Full Moon.  How often are those words said?   In the last couple years--- not much.    But this Taurus Full Moon has gentle aspects with Neptune; a trine with the Sun and a sextile with the Moon.    Nice.
During this full moon, harnessing the power of faith may be easier than usual.  Trusting a process could be easier.  Accessing intuition could be easier.    Why is Neptune lining up with the Sun and Moon giving us such a nice boost?   Perhaps the Universe, in all its wisdom, is helping us work and utilize the energy of Scorpio with the help of Taurus and to take both to full advantage.   Every sign has its opposite and the full moon is when the moon is opposite the Sun.   Imagine a teeter- totter in order to find balance you need to find that space in between the two signs.  With Scorpio the question is what are you willing to give up?  What are willing to let die?  What are willing to release?  How are you accessing your power by letting something end?    With Taurus who NEVER likes to give up anything and hates even the concept of death we need to ask:  What must die so we can just be practical?  What needs to die so that we can build something new?

And there is a little kicker with this Taurus full moon, just before the full moon, the planet Venus, who rules Taurus gets into its own teeter totter with crazy Uranus.   Don’t be surprised if someone says something or you see something or you experience something that speaks to conflicted values.   And you find yourself saying, “WTF?!” You may be very tempted to get into it.   This is where the power of this particular Taurus Full Moon could be of help.  Before you get into it ask, what is the practical solution?  What can I just let die and move on?  What misplaced value am I putting on this situation?  Is there a chance I have outgrown something?     Taurus can be stubborn but really it more that they are stuck.   Their love of routines and habits can get in their way.  They may have outgrown something but are completely unaware of it.   This is why values out of sync can be helpful.  It calls attention to where you really are these days.      What needs to end so that our values are in sync?   And with Taurus and Venus we should ask, what needs to die so we can improve our love and improve our resources?  

Don’t let your own stubbornness get in your own way.   It’s not practical and you may be cutting yourself out of a new resource of supplies whether it is emotional, financial or spiritual.  

Happy Full Moon.


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