Monday, October 30, 2017

Astrology This Week

This Week in Astrology
October 30 - November 3

This week on  ( October 31)we move into Gibbous Phase of the Libra Lunar cycle.     Faith & Spirituality are up. 

On November 3 the Sun lines up for a trine with Neptune sending good vibes on transformation and back to faith again. 

Values that look screwed up will capture our attention as Venus opposes Uranus builds to an opposition on Friday.    Money and love get twisted up.   Rebels will be up our grill.   

On Saturday we move into Taurus Full Moon.  Separate post to follow. 

Gibbous Moon
October 31, 2017
3:16pm EDT

Focus on:

How are you refining you faith?  How are you refining your inner mysticism?  How are you refining your ‘victimness’?   How are you refining your creative muses?

Special Focus:

11/3: Sun trine Neptune.  Mysticism wakes up.  Faith is coaxed out.  Spirituality inspired. 
11/3: Venus oppose Uranus:  Love is unique.  Creativity and money and values are shaken up.   Rebel learns the value of softness.  

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