Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sputnik & Pluto in Virgo

On October 4, 1957,  The USSR sent Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, into space.  The small metal object beeped back as it circled the Earth. At that moment the Space Race was on.    For most of the time the Soviet engineers and scientists worked on Sputnik, Pluto was in the final degrees of Leo.  Pluto moved into Leo in June 1939.  Note that date.  On September 1, three months after Pluto went into Leo we got to see how this transit in the most dramatic of signs was not playing, Germany marched into Poland and World War II was launched.   Pluto stayed in Leo until August of 1957 when Pluto officially left Leo and moved into Virgo on August 19, 1957 and then two months later we got Sputnik.      Virgo is of course a different energy than Leo.  Where Leo is bold and brash and noisy, Virgo is insecure, nervous and unsure.   Where Leo will demand the world's attention Virgo will quietly do something small but whose impact could be long lasting.    Sputnik's impact on America  was pure insecurity.   A few years ago there was a symposium of experts who spoke directly to the insecurity on America's education.

And there was insecurity that America's talent had been wasted on frivolous things like large cars.

However, the Soviets may have started the space race and rattled America to its bones. But it was a race that was finished by the USA on July 19, 1969 when Neil Armstrong and the rest of the astronauts landed on the Moon.    It would not be until August 1971 when Pluto would leave Virgo and enter Libra where it would do a number on relationships and marriages...beep beep beep 

Happy birthday, Sputnik 

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