Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jupiter In Scorpio

October 10th  - Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter moves into Scorpio where it will be until November 2018.  The last time Jupiter was here was October 27 2005- November 25, 2006.  Contemplate what you were doing at that time and how were you feeling pushed to the limit in some way.      

Jupiter as we know is not small. He is the biggest planet in our solar system.    He does not know how to be small and frankly he does not know how to be measured.    Scorpio has his own problems finding the middle ground.  Scorpio likes things black and white, not gray.   Scorpio is the second water sign.    Cancer the first water sign is full of highs and lows, like the waves on the beaches and the tides near shore.  It comes in and pulls out.  Scorpio is a wee bit more focused and intense.   Emotions will flow like any water sign but with Scorpio it needs to be harnessed.  Think of a dam on a river, which harnesses all the water into electricity. That is the power of Scorpio.   Having Jupiter there could make us kick in some obsessive tendencies.    Instead of fighting the obsession or even the OCD, let’s all make good use of the energy.   Use it to drive us and the fact that it launches in the Virgo lunar cycle means we will probably have a pretty good idea what needs our OCD energy.    Jupiter in Scorpio will have us clear out garbage and really be done with it.   We are done with it for a variety of reasons but with the fresh new clear space something new will be born.  We may find ourselves looking at our sex life, our shared investments, taxes and figuring new ways to improve on all of them.  We will speak more definitive.   “No one- everyone, always, never, yes, no, black, white.”   We aren’t hanging out in grey.   Scorpio only cares about things that matter.  We could have gotten lost in pretense or some light and airy issues while Jupiter was in Libra.  Perhaps connections with people who were in our lives for a moment or two.  Now we go deep. We want to go down to the basement and find things that matter and go deep on it.    We will talk more about Jupiter as we progress for the next year but do not judge yourself if you find a harsher tone coming out of you or your passion gets ticked up.   It’s probably Jupiter kicking in to another gear.   

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