Monday, January 15, 2018

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

January 15, 2018 11:13pm EST

Each year there are astrological themes generated by planetary aspects between outer planets that get our attention.   In 2018 bountiful Jupiter will sextile powerful Pluto three times.     The first hit is today, January 15, the next one is April 14 and the final is September 11.  These hits will be (in order) 19 degrees, 21 degrees and 19 degrees of Scorpio and Capricorn.

This is a gift to all of us who survived 2017’s harsh Jupiter Pluto squares (three of them) where fake and light was at war with real power and real regeneration.   When opportunities for real change appeared many chose to shine it on by being fake because they didn’t want to upset appearances or status quo.  Or were just simply scared for real change.     Others who were genuinely motivated and tried to make real change had some success after hard work but still felt they didn’t have complete success –it felt as if the Universe above was saying, “Not quite yet”.   Now Capricorn has its ruling planet Saturn in his sign adding some maturity and with this sextile three hits, the time might be right for real evolution.

Jupiter in transformative Scorpio is working WITH Pluto as they both try to build something better.   The sextile is a friendly, perhaps playful aspect that respects the other planet and sign and says, “Hey you got that and I have got this—we can do something good together.”     We dare to actually feel we might be able complete something if we put our mind and energy towards it.   Wow, what a breath of fresh air!

Jupiter in Scorpio is focused on transformation and releasing the dead so something new can emerge.   Pluto happens to rule Scorpio so he is thrilled to have Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system help clear out the dead so we can regenerate new growth.     It is worth noting that Pluto is past the half way mark of its long journey in Capricorn, which started in 2008—remember that year when the world economies went into the toilet?   And Pluto will leave in January of 2024.   That is a long journey for slowpoke Pluto so let’s make the most of any good aspects we get along the way.

With the sextile you should take a look in your world and see if you are feeling a break from negativity or blockage.  Perhaps you are finally feeling some movement.   Or the hints of movement in a ‘stuck’ area.     Maybe you are feeling a bit of optimism.   Today is the first round of the sextile –what can you do that speaks to transforming?   Even if it is one small thing—go for it.   We will be having this aspect two more times and as we run up to the aspect there could be opportunities that we have not experienced prior to 2018.    Also, the aspect is felt beyond the days it is exact so let’s add a week or ten days on either side of the exact dates as a period of influence.  

Special note:

We have discussed it many times that in 2022 Pluto will return to its natal place is the chart of the USA from July 4, 1776.   Pluto was at 27 Cap 57 at the launch of The American Revolution.   Pluto has not returned to that exact place at any time since the founding of the USA.   Now we are building towards the Pluto return.    You don’t need to be Doris Kearns Goodwin to know that something is going on with America that feels ‘different’ than in the previous 25 decades.   Watch and see how Jupiter sextile Pluto manifests this year and if it has any impact as we slowly bear down on Pluto’s return in 2022.   One more note we will start to feel Pluto on Pluto around 2020.  I can’t say for exact because well, this is the first time we have had it!     

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