Monday, January 29, 2018

Leo Lunar Eclipse January 31, 2018

Leo Lunar Eclipse
January 31, 2018
Blue Moon
8:26am EST

11 Leo 37

Yes this Full Moon is:
Lunar Eclipse
Super Moon
Blood Moon
Blue Moon
Meaning the earth’s shadow will cross the face of the moon which happens to be super close to earth turning it reddish in color and it is the second full moon in one calendar month.   Kind of a lot going on.   

For those people living in Hawaii & Alaska please stay up late and watch it for the rest of us and take lots of photos of the red color.  How nice America got both last year’s solar eclipse and some of this year’s lunar eclipse.   One note, there can be earthquakes around supermoons and this one is smack in the middle of the ring of fire--hmmm.  

The way eclipses work is they are a like ping-pong.  A solar eclipse takes place and then six months later we get the lunar eclipse in the opposite sign.   It’s around an 18 month process with one set of opposites.  Then the eclipses move into other signs until 19 years later the two signs will be part of the processing again.   In 1981 we had the lunar eclipse at 1 degree Aquarius on January 20.   Then in 1999 we had the lunar eclipse on ----drumroll----January 31, 1999 at the same degree as this lunar eclipse.  So, what was going on with you at that ’99 eclipse?    Did it speak to your heart and love and truth and bravery?   Let’s go deeper----

In August we had the solar total eclipse that crossed the United States. We put on our protective glasses and tried to find our real and authentic selves by grabbing our hearts and jumping into our lives with new vigor.

Now we are six months past that potential rebirth of our authentic self and how does it feel?  Do you feel a new liberation?  Do you feel you brought a new force and creativity to your life since August?  Perhaps it is subtle?   Where are you brave?  How are you responding to other people’s bravery?   Who respects truth?  Who respects your truth?   How do you respond to people who tell the truth?  

Venus who was an important influence on the New Moon chart is also weighing in on the lunar eclipse.   How are we being coaxed by our feminine nature that we could be bigger or grander?  Not because our ego wants it but more because we are humans and humans need love, kindness and a deep need to be cherished.    Can you feel it this lunar eclipse?  

Where are egos out of check?    Where are issues of betrayal and trust frayed?  Where does love need to be present?   Venus on the south node in Aquarius speaks to being superficial in groups and forgoing the bravery and messiness of being real.  And yeah, love is very messy.  

 The south node in Aquarius could send some people off to ‘disconnect land’ where emotions are disregarded or shut down.   Watch the emotions that come up on the full moon and consider taking the braver path.   Let down your guard and be real and authentic and here is the gift of the Aquarius south node, once you connect with those strong authentic emotions you can share with others who are like- minded and build a new community.   This is the joy of the Leo-Aquarius teeter- totter eclipse energy.

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