Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Capricorn Full Moon June 28/June 27

Capricorn Full Moon.
June 28 12:53am EDT  

Every 14 or so years Saturn can either conjunct or oppose a full moon, not always but has at least that opportunity.  And with this Full Moon, Saturn is in conjunction (on top) of the moon.    Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn brings a gift and if we are up for it we can access it. 

Hard working responsible Saturn brings a sobriety to the Full Moon. This is not a light, easy peasy full moon cycle.  It may have some stresses as we try to take care of business.  But more to the point this Full Moon asks us how do we respond and how do we show responsibility.    For three days we can be confronted on how we respond to our emotions (Cancer).   Cancer’s hard shell is protective which at times is needed but there is also a problem with calcifications and rigidity.  How do you grow when you have a hard shell?  Do you need to relax a bit about your shell? Soften it and grow?   In two weeks we will have a solar eclipse in Cancer and we will learn the value of releasing and flushing our emotions.  During this full moon we get a coming attraction of what we may need to release at the eclipse.   

Capricorn speaks to putting emotions out in the world either through business or through accomplishments. But if one is too focused on the outside world and disconnected to emotions there is a ruthlessness that does nothing for anyone except engender ill feelings, to say the least.  The key is to let your emotions guide where you should put your responsibilities.  Not cut off your emotions so you can be extreme in your goals.   

This full moon ask:

Are you stepping up where your feelings are guiding you? 
Are you being too childlike?  
Where do you need to be more adult?  
Are you too adult and have forgotten the joy of being a kid?  
Have you forgotten the importance of tender?  
Have you forgotten the importance of righteous leading?

In this chart, Chiron the wounded healer in the sign Aries, is pushing on the sun and moon reminding us that sometimes the responsible and emotional move is that of the warrior.   Watch what comes up these three days where you want to pick up your sword and shield.  How are you being a warrior for the heart and the head?  How are you carving a new road with your response?  

When I was younger there was an expression describing someone as “cold as a witch’s tit”.  When you put Saturn on the moon and make it in the sign Capricorn –well, there’s not enough space heaters to warm up that boob. Watch who is cold.  What wound does it bring up for you and how can you heal it by finding our emotions and empowering you to be a warrior?   

At the very least this Capricorn Full Moon reminds us that we just need to be practical.  There is stuff that we control and there is stuff we can’t but with Saturn you can dig deep and start the long fix right now. Let your emotions guide you to where you need to bring your responsibilities. 

 Allow me to help you find your tender and your responsibility.  I had the calling come in last week when I was asked to help take care of a new kitten.   Alas my moon in Cancer was chosen.  

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