Monday, June 25, 2018

The Astrology of This Week

The big astrological aspect this week is Mars  who will be retrograde on June 26 (see posting below).  This is setting off a whole host of rebel rousing.   Watch how the energy gets ginned up in all kinds of circles both public and personal.  Mars is bumpy.   As indicated the last time Mars retrograde in Aquarius was 1971 & 1939.  Hot summers both times!   

The full moon arrives on the 27th.  Post to follow but if any of us have lost our way on the value of being practical we will get our head on about it during the full moon.    

Gibbous Moon
June 24
12:05am EDT 

Focus on: 

How are you refining your shared resources?  How are you refining your money?  How are you refining your legal issues?  How are you refining your tax information?  How are you refining your power and your empowerment?  How are you refining your sex and intimacy?  

Special focus: 
6/25: Venus square Jupiter.  Where are you going overboard with your money and your love?  How are your values over the top?   How are your beliefs in opposite to what you love?  
6/26: Mars retrograde until August 27.   Aqaurius (see above) 
6/27: Sun oppose Saturn . Practical.  Realistic. Cold but dutiful. 

Full Moon Phase
Full Moon 
June 28 2018
12:53 AM EDT 

6 Capricorn 28  

See separate post

Special focus 
6/28: Mercury enters Leo 
6/30: Mercury square Uranus. Unique thinking that is steeped in practicality versus thoughts that showboaty.    Ego and Practical thoughts out of sync. 

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