Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Taurus Full Moon - Watch What Comes UP.

Taurus Full Moon
October 24, 2018
1 Taurus 14
12:43 PM EDT 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Taurus Full Moon.   Look at her in all her glory but note---this year she is not your typical Taurus Full Moon--- not by a long shot. 

The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus are a teeter-totter (like all full moons) where we process and synthesize opposing energies.      Taurus likes everything to remain the same.  No changes anywhere.   Taurus says, “My comfort resides in everything remaining the same.”   This is where Taurus finds its power—in patterns and reliability.   Sure. 

Scorpio knows that there can be nothing of importance if there is not first death and rebirth. Something must die so something good can come.  This transformation is how Scorpio gets its power.  So you can see right away that Scorpio and Taurus feel at cross-purposes. However where they are the same is in their stubbornness, which is strong in both signs.  And that stubbornness masks their lack of faith.   When Taurus refuses to let go and when Scorpio refuses to let something die it is because both do not trust.

Well guess what?  Uranus is on top of the moon and opposing the sun in the Full Moon chart and he is going to mess up the energy as best as he can because that’s what Uranus does—earthquakes, lightening strikes, brilliance and chaos are his tools.   Prepare for some shaken up energy both personally and in the news (for those who know their charts look to the houses of the full  moon for more information).  

And while that is going on we also have the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius on the chart of the full moon.    Where are we brave?  This is what Leo wants to know.   Where are we hiding in the crowds?  That is what Aquarius wants to know.   

And adding a little more spice to this full moon is the fact that the Sun is on top of Venus the planet of values.   And of course Venus is opposing the moon in Taurus (which is ruled by Venus).   This is a big influence.    I know most people associate Venus with love and that is correct but not in the way you think.  Venus speaks to values; love and money, possessions and beauty are all Taurus and all offshoots of Value.   Examples:     I value the look of long black pants—I think they are beautiful.   I value Peter’s sense of humor, his hard work nature and his trustworthiness therefore I love Peter.   I value a small house with access to community therefore I will buy that small house near town square. This is Venus.    

For three days during the full moon we will be pondering our values.   Things will pop up out of the blue (Uranus) that will have to either be dealt with our will have us go, ‘hmm’.  Things that we have taken for granted may seem valuable.  Things we have valued in the past may now seem obsolete.  

We may feel unsettled and even if everything looks the same we just can’ t shake the feeling that something is ‘different’.     Finances could certainly feel different.   Properties may also seem like they don’t fit.   You may have a fleeting feeling of “Hmm I wonder if I should sell our house?”   “I wonder if we should move?   “I wonder if I should sell some valuables”  -- And this is not out of fear but more out of the practicality of understanding what you value and your own value as of --now.    Change is in the air. 

In two weeks Uranus is going to leave Taurus and return to Aries for its final four months after seven years in the fiery independent sign.    Then on March 9 it will return to Taurus where it will be until 2025.   What a wonderful gift the Universe has given us with this Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus so close to Uranus last round in Aries.  This full moon could feel like a knock on the head at times but it could be exactly what we need so that we can use the period between November and March to get action oriented and be strong, brave and fiery to accomplish what we need so that by March when Uranus makes its final move into Taurus we’ll be ready for those inevitable changes.  And there will be changes big time I mean ask yourself why is Netflix using junk bonds to stay afloat?  Lots of those stories will not enjoy Uranus in Taurus.  Anyway, use this full moon to complete advantage and watch what comes up.  Your feelings will be guiding you where you need to make concrete (Taurus) changes for a new you (Scorpio) that connects to your real values (Venus) and accesses your creativity and bravery (Leo) while you serve you and your community (Aquarius). 

This phase will last from 
October 24, 2018 12:43pm EDT until October 28 1:51am EDT 

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