Tuesday, December 11, 2018

This Week In Astrology Dec 10 - 16

On Tuesday of this week we move into the three day Crescent lunar phase. We learn information about our friends.  Our circles of like minded people show us something about our own aspirations. 

On the 15ththe first quarter moon brings up our spirituality.  For three days consider how our goals and aspirations line up with our faith?  Or how is our lack faith impacting our goals?  

Crescent Moon Phase
December 11, 2018  
12:12 am EST

Focus on: What information are you learning about your friends and associates?  What are you learning about like-minded thinkers?  How are they in sync with your goals?   How are your circles of people in alignment with your aspirations?  How are you aspirational to your friends?  How do they inspire you? 

Special Focus
12/12 Mercury enters Sagittarius 

First Quarter Moon 
December 15
6:49am EST 

Focus on: What actions can you take that support the seeds you planted on new moon?  How will these actions benefit your aspirations?   Where do you need spiritual support to reach your goals?   

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