Saturday, December 1, 2018

This Week in Astrology

On Monday we move into the final lunar phase of the Scorpio lunar cycle.  Since November 7th we have been working on the issues that Scorpio knows best which includes money, debt, acknowledging what works and what does not work and finding empowerment.   Sex and power issues are up as well getting rid of old so that there can be a rebirth.   We move into Balsamic on December 3 and begin a three day release.   The focus of this balsamic is relationship. Yin yang.  Balance.   Release so you can be ready for the Sagittarius New Moon on December 7th.
Please note that Mercury will station direct on December 6.  Hurray.

Balsamic Moon Phase

December 3, 2018 
8:18am EST 

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  

Focus on How are you releasing your imbalance?  How are you releasing passive aggressiveness?   How are you releasing your need to zig when your partner or others zag?  How are you releasing co-dependencies? 

Special Focus:
12/5: Sun square Neptune.  Inspiration may be a bit ‘unclear’ or ‘off’.  Beware of zealots and lost causes.   Go to prayer if it feels like deceit is up. 
12/6: Mercury direct.  27 Scorpio 16 . And thank god it is over. 

December 7, 2018   2:20am EST 15 Sag 07    

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