Thursday, February 14, 2019

Big Ol' Bad Ass Chiron Makes a Shift

Feb 18 EDT 4:07am
Chiron Enters Aries 

Chiron is a minor planet/asteroid that lives between Saturn and Uranus in our solar system.  It takes a long time to go around the sun but it does not spend an equal time in each sign. On Feb 18 it will return to Aries having moved into Aries last year,  then took a quick retrograde out in Pisces last fall.   Now it will stay in Aries until 2027.   The myth associated with Chiron speaks of self- wounding.  Where are we our worst enemy?  Is the question to ask with Chiron.  The last time it was in Aries was between1968 – 1976.   Protesting and questioning authority was highlighted but not just by the hippies on the street but also by Nixon in the Whitehouse and Watergate.   Stories of brazen grabs of power or actions where one person thinks they are above the law by virtue of their own identity will fill the news cycles.  Stories of going it alone or being independent will rattle all our cages because we wish we could be that self directed or because we fear it or both. 

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