Monday, February 18, 2019

Virgo Full Moon February 19

February 19
0 Virgo 42
10:53am EST

As always it is important to look at the landscape surrounding any full moon and Tuesday’s Virgo Full Moon is remarkable terrain.   

The day before the full moon, Chiron wraps up its time in reflective Pisces and moves into firestorm Aries.    For many people our warrior has been either asleep or ignored but now as we begin this new seven year journey we will find things stirring inside us.   Weapons will be picked up, eyesight will sharpen, boots will begin marching as we slay dragons, perhaps patterns of victimhood, addictions, sloppiness and karma debts.  Both personal and public dragons will be put on notice that there is a new warrior among us.  And it is in the mirror.   This is not a fast transition since Chiron won’t wrap up this journey until 2026 but we may find the fiery energy arrive soon after Feb 18 and our psyche will whisper, “You know that thing that has been bothering me for a long time that has felt bigger than me, yeah, I’m over it and I am starting to tackle it now.” 

Then on the other side of the Full Moon we have Uranus move into Taurus on March 6.   This too is another cycle that lasts for seven years.  Chiron in Aries fires us up to find our self and protect self with warrior actions.  It is not a passive cycle.  Uranus in Taurus will support creativity and ingenuity in practical ways. New avenues of solid actions will either open up or our inner warrior will fight to find that opportunity.    Both speak to new beginnings and in between these jumping off points is this Virgo Full Moon. It is auspicious timing.   

Virgo Moon opposing Sun in Pisces speaks to balancing daily reality versus faith and the great unknown.  Virgo asks us to build our daily calendars filled with every thing we must do and want to do to take care of our lives and when we go to bed every night we get quiet and our dreams speak to us and of course we assume we will wake up but that is an unknown and we must rely on trust, and that is Pisces.    What needs our practical focus? Where do we need trust?  Both questions are important during the three- day full moon phase.  

On this full moon chart, the Sun sextile Mars & Uranus while the Moon trines Mars & Uranus.   The full moon could activate subtle sparks that excite something new in us that affects our schedule.   We plan to do one thing and find ourselves doing something completely different.  The unplanned item that arrives may be important for that warrior that is slowly waking up or perhaps it will make sense after March 6 when we go out into the world looking for new ways to get our practical on.   

Venus conjunct Saturn on the chart asks that practical love, money and values that make sense be on our daily to do list.   We seek a new level of sobriety.   Mercury conjunct Neptune is the one wild card in the chart.   Neptune is fuzzy and vague and uses intuition to inform. Mercury which rules our brain likes communication that is easy to digest in simple bites.  Being fuzzy is tricky to Mercury.   The solution is to be adaptable with our thinking and check in with our gut to make sure we are not wasting time.   Perhaps the illumination of this three day full moon will support us in some way to not waste our energy, resources and time  by going down dead ends for the next seven years.    See how this full moon pushes on your to clean up those kinds of bad habits.  

I’ll be doing it, too! 

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