Thursday, April 4, 2019

Aries New Moon 2019

Aries New Moon on a refrigerator door. 

Aries New Moon launches April 5, 2019 1:50am PDT 

Are you ready to make your Treasure Map?  Are you ready to get Saturn serious about your future path?    I just put up my article.  Here's a snippet.....

You are walking down a road. It has been a long hard winter.   For three months, rain, ice, snow, cold winds and dark nights pushed on your flesh and your soul.  Now as you continue your journey you look up from your feet and you see a small green shoot pushing out from hard dirt.   This plant could be a flower, or a weed or a blade of grass it does not matter because it is just the fact that a green shoot is here that calls to your heart that something new is upon you.   Winter is over.   Spring is here.    And you smile because your heart knows there is power & opportunity in this season of renewal.  Welcome to Aries new moon and the new lunar year.  

It may be the fact that we just wrapped up one tough twenty-nine day Pisces cycle which included one very hard Mercury retrograde but whatever it was this Aries new moon is coming in not one second too early.     We are breathing again and what a great time to get our oxygen on.   

First things first –if you are a regular reader then you know this is the new moon where we build our Treasure Maps.   For those of you who are new and don’t know Treasure Maps, they are, for all intents and purposes, a vision board.  In 1996 (way before vision boards were popular) astrologer Buz Myers introduced Treasure Mapping to his students (which included me) and explained the value in contemplating what you want for the new year and going through magazines and cutting out pictures, drawings, words and whatever calls to you then gluing these images to cardboard.   And we do it only on Aries new moon since this is the beginning of the lunar new year.    This process speaks to warrior Aries who sees what it wants and goes for it!   As Buz explained by planting these seeds in our psyche through our Treasure Maps on Aries new moon we will start to see results by Cancer new moon in June or July.  

My experience over the last twenty- two years is Treasure Maps work.   Manifestations will start to appear.   It may not be the whole enchilada but green shoots on our goals will start to appear and in some cases right away, within in weeks or days and some will take the whole year.   And sure, some goals need a couple of maps to get going.   But the whole process is fun and inspiring and important because at the end of the day it is valuable to stop everything and contemplate you and your journey.      I encourage all of you to take some time during the first three days of new moon (April 5 – 8) to build your map. If you need more time then you can do it during the whole waxing moon up until April 19 (4:12 am PDT).   

You can find out more about how to Treasure Map --here ---

For more detail about our energy this twenty-nine day cycle and to a certain extent the influence for our year ahead we look at the new moon chart.  This Aries new moon chart is quite different than other years in that it does not have a lot of aspects and the ones it does have are not light.    The sun and moon are in square to Saturn.   And Saturn and Pluto are on top of the south node.   For those making maps you will no doubt feel a sense of seriousness about what you want in your future.  .... 
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