Monday, April 8, 2019

This Week

Monday is the last day of new moon and we move into crescent in the evening (tuesday morning EDT).   In crescent our focus shifts to how we communicate and what information we learn.   

Siblings and neighbors and gossip are highlighted.   On the 10th, Jupiter stations retrograde.   This will not be done without some noise.   You can't have the biggest planet turn about face and not have us plebians feel the gravity shift.   At the same time Saturn squares Sun pinching out any enthusiam that might be coursing through our blood.    We are best served by maintaining the lowest expectations for the day.   

We move into first quarter moon on the 12th putting family on notice that we are cutting some cords followed by Sun looking for trouble with Pluto on the 13th.    Youthful enthusiasm will feel misguided as we go in deep.   Do not  judge anything by just the surface.   Death and rebirth is the action plan. 

Crescent Moon Phase
April 8, 2019
9:41 PM PDT   

Focus on: What information are you learning about your communication skills?  What are you learning about how you communicate your independence?   What are you learning about your siblings when you seek independence?   What are you learning about your neighbors when you are independent?     How is gossip influencing your world? 

Special Focus
4/9: Venus conjunct Neptune.  Love and money and values could be fuzzy or inspired or disconnected or vague or humanitarian driven.   
4/10: Sun square Saturn.  Independence versus status quo.  Breaking patterns and cleaning up old debris.  
4/10: Jupiter retrograde (see above) 
4/11: Mercury square Jupiter.  Loud vs fuzzy.  Righteousness vs Deceit.  Where is and what is truth?   

First Quarter Moon 
April 12, 2019

Focus on: What actions are you taking that speak to your independence and how it works with your family?  What actions are you taking and how to does it speak to your emotions?  How are you harnessing your emotions to move you forward in your personal desires? 

Special Focus:
4/13: Sun Square Pluto Power struggles.  Transformation through death and rebirth. 
4/14: Sun trine Jupiter:  Humor and joy benefited by stretching.  
4/15: Venus square Jupiter.   Money and love get sloppy.  Over exertion of resources.  Values get pushed.  

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