Monday, June 17, 2019

Astrology This Week: June 17 - 23

This week starts in a big way with Sag Full Moon.   It's hard to miss the lunar energy with this particular full moon.  Things could get loud, cost a lot, indulging high water mark.    Do your best for the next three days to keep your cool and not get too far out there.   

On the 18th Saturn works with Neptune to bring reality to dreams and visions.   This is the second hit of this aspect this year (first one in January) see what comes up and any pivots you make towards 'getting real' about something important to you that has felt out of your reach for awhile.   The next hit will be in the fall.  See what you can accomplish between now and then and don't be surprised if results can be tied back to actions you took  this week.  

On the 19th--things can get rough with Mars pushing for action from powerful Pluto who likes to keeps his powder dry.   Tensions can be high. 

On the 21st The Sun moves into Cancer with the Summer Solstice.  Get your sunscreen out.  And then a few hours later Neptune turns retrograde, we are all going to the beach even if we aren't going to the beach.  

6/18 Mercury conjunct Mars.  Rushed thinking.  Harsh thoughts.  Sharp tongue. 
6/18 Saturn sextile Neptune.   Concrete hope.   Functional faith. (see separate)
6/19 Mars oppose Pluto.  Power struggles.   Emotions versus responsibilities.   Out in the world versus family creates tension. 

June 21 
12:06am PDT 

Focus on:  How are your friends in sync with your adaptability?  Are they on the same page?  How are you shifting and your shifts resonate with your group(s)?  Are there new groups that line up with any new approaches you may have taken up? 

Special focus:
6/21: Neptune retrograde  (see separate post)
6/21: Sun enters Cancer 
6/23: Venus oppose Jupiter  love and money are at odds with philosophy and opinions. Values versus philosophy.   

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