Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sag Full Moon - Prepare for Bigness!

Sagittarius Full Moon
June 17 1:30am PDT 

Good lord Jupiter is big.  Did you know that red spot on Jupiter is twice the size of Earth?   And that’s just the spot.   The fact is thirteen hundred Earths can fit inside Jupiter.     Jupiter is just ginormous.   

Why am I talking about the bigness of Jupiter on Sag Full Moon?  

Because here’s the tech specs for this full moon:
Jupiter in Sag will have squared Neptune in Pisces about 19 hours before full moon
Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered
Jupiter rules Sagittarius 
Jupiter is in Sag right now
Jupiter is conjunct the Full Moon
Mercury quincunx Jupiter and Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini
Mars quincunx Jupiter 

That is a lot of Jupiter influences for Sag Full Moon and we should be prepared for ‘bigness’ during this three-day phase. 

People may be spending a lot of money. People may be eating a lot.   People may be shooting off their mouths.  Religious stuff could feel big.  Things that are international or feel ‘foreign’ will be in our space.  

There is a general influence of ‘expansion’ during these three days.   Jupiter speaks to going   from one land to another by taking a bridge.   What metaphorical bridge is in front of you during this full moon? During Sag full moon we are interested in how people ‘over there’ do things versus people ‘over here’ do things.   What are you learning ?   Education interests are high during Sag full moon.  Including how we are educating ourselves even if we are no longer in school.    What crash course are learning?  

Basically, during Sag Moon or a big Jupiter period we are mixing it up with others and trying to learn something.   Unless we are misbehaving and are a – ‘know-it-all’ .   If you find yourself being the smartest one in the room—note to universe, you probably are not.   At the same time, prejudicial thinking is the underbelly of insecure Sag/Jupiter.    The opposite of Jupiter full moon is the sun in Gemini.    Gemini, although, fun and light and game on for an adventure, is not one to get caught up in Sag’s big ideas.    Gemini likes to get in the weeds and bring logic response to anything that sounds too far out.   With this much Sag/Jupiter we should be grateful for logical Sun in Gemini. 

Optimistic thinking could be valuable but keep it measured.   Think big but do diligence during these three days.   Research stuff.    And be very careful with any gambles.   Small is fun but don’t go crazy.     And laugh at self.   Sag knows how to make fun of self and that person in the mirror is fun to make fun of now and then.    Give it a try during this full moon. 

God speed!

Oh by the way---Happy Strawberry Moon.

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