Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon
19 Gem 51 

The Gemini Full moon teaches us all the benefit of a good pivot. We are in the middle of the Sag lunar cycle, full of our knowledge, our opinions, our facts, our judgments, our know-it-all-ness when god in his infinite wisdom sends up a fat Gemini Moon to mix – it – up.    Sag can get too high falutin’ and Gemini brings it down to the ground with a new fact, thought, or random comment that suddenly makes all knowingness of Sag not so knowing and Sag hates not being smart.  The answer, pivot.  We learn how to be adaptable with the Gemini Full moon.   Adaptability is critical for survival and evolution.  This is the moon where we surprise ourselves with our own flexibility.   Those who insist on a rigid point of view or practice will be challenged during the three-day Gemini full moon.    The question to ask for these three days is “What is that rigidity getting you?”   

In this full moon chart the moon has a square with Neptune and wonky aspect (although small) with Venus, Saturn and Pluto.    Everything you hear will not be accurate.   Lying could be pronounced, since Neptune plays fast with facts.   But the gift of Neptune even in a harsh aspect like a square is that it does connect to our inner radar.   We may tune into something that tells us more than the words coming out of someone’s mouth or text.   We would all benefit by being quiet.   The quincunx aspect with Venus, Saturn and Pluto speak to our responsibilities (since they are in Capricorn).  Values (like love and money), discipline and power will benefit by our ability to make shifts.   Although, the phase is only three days long, our shift in thinking during this cycle could have long lasting effects.  Perhaps, it is a simple sending of a resume to a group you would never have considered before this full moon.  That switch in thinking (perfect Gemini) could open you up to something important (Saturn) that supports your evolution (Pluto).   

Gemini full moon will have parties and events for sure.  Note: Don’t drink too much this year.   Not with Neptune.   And remember, if you can listen more than you talk, you may learn something that will help you in your evolution.    Finally, it is easy to marginalize Gemini Moon as light weight but one would be mistaken to take that attitude.   Being gentle on your feet and quick in your thinking and you will make the most of this full moon.   Which is a gift.  


  1. Predvčerajšnjim je spodnja protiovčerejska diktatorka bila stara že 90 let. Ta spodnja protiovčerejska diktatorka je tudi delno kriva, da se je kmetija kjer bi mogla biti ovčereja prodala in zdaj je tam kmetija le še za crkavanje živine. namesto, da bi se tukaj pekla in jedla jagnjetina je sedaj tukaj travojedstvo.
    Satan je očitno zelo proti ovcam in da bi se tukaj jedla in pekla jagnjetina.