Sunday, December 1, 2019

Jupiter in Capricorn

Dec 2, 2019
10:20am PST 
Jupiter enters Capricorn

Here we go…… the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was Dec 2007 until Jan 2009.   Hmm, what happened in that cycle?  What could it have been that caught everyone’s attention in a big Jupiter way?  Something that would have dealt with big business and government?  Hmm what on earth happened during that time?  Let me scratch my head.  Oh, yeah, it was the biggest crash of the US stock market, September 2008. Followed by a long drawn out recession not matched since the great Depression.  Yes, that thing.  

Having said that Jupiter in Capricorn does not mean we will have a hit again, but it certainly suggests being prudent with investments is wise.   Capricorn is the most conservative sign in the zodiac.  Both politically and socially speaking.  Capricorn likes to conserve its energy, emotion, resources and time.    Capricorn likes to be measured.  It likes to wait.    Jupiter likes to be big, loud, bombastic and let everyone know, “I’m here.”   But more to the point, Capricorn speaks to businesses, economies, governments and communities running well and if they are not, expect some new big energy coming forward.  There will be leaders to emerge in this period, for sure.  But with Capricorn there is a danger of getting caught up in pretense.  Just because someone is rich and famous does not mean they have solid plan.    Watch if you are caught up in the competition of who has more?  Who is ‘better’?   Remember there is beauty and freedom in appreciating the quiet and the small.  See what comes up with you once Jupiter moves into Capricorn.  Don’t be surprise if you feel it right away.   We will be talking a lot about Jupiter in Capricorn in the next year.   In the meantime find your big 'conserv'ative side and run with it.   

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