Sunday, April 25, 2021

Scorpio Full Moon April 26


Scorpio Full Moon

April 26, 8:31pm PDT 



During 2021 Saturn squares Uranus three times.  The first aspect was  on Feb 17.  The next aspect is on June 14 and then the final round is on December 23.      The energy of these two planets will be felt all year and it highlights areas that need change and areas that are stuck.   Those of us with planets between 7 and 13 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio are feeling this tension in a real, deep, rumble our gut ways.   


The Full moon at 7 degrees Scorpio and Taurus is right in the center of this tension.   There will no doubt be stories in the world that speak to things that need to be jettisoned (Uranus) and new things that need structure and support (Saturn). 


The moon in Scorpio has questions about power:    Where’s the power?  Who has it?  Who is abusing it?  Where’s my power?  Who is ignoring their power?   Am I  dismissing  my power?   The Sun in Taurus on the other side of the moon, holds on tight for fear of losing something that maybe feels like power but is perhaps something else.   Is it power from a different era calcified into a comfortable status quo?    


With Uranus on top of the Sun, the accent is on an abrupt letting go and a fast pivot.     History is filled with stories of people making a quick decision that changed the course of their life or the lives of people around them.    


There is something about this full moon that feels like everyone is looking at a man in 1909 with a beautiful horse and gorgeous carriage.   He stands there proud answering questions about the horse and carriage and then coming up behind him is a man in a Model T.  Honk. Honk.     Whatever he spent on that horse and carriage may be obsolete.    Where is there something obsolete in our life that needs to be ditched?  Or is it a thinking?   


The moon trines Mars in Cancer and the Sun sextiles Mars in Cancer.    Finding power is directing related to our gut.     Mars is not slow, he moves fast to protect, to slay, to forge, to get somewhere or get something done.    Mars is the warrior and in Cancer he is a warrior for our family or clan.    Saturn in Aquarius is support for and from the community.  Are you connected to your community?   How can you strengthen that connection?   Uranus in Taurus on the Sun reminds us we can do something that is solid and build it from the ground up that is new, fresh and innovative.     Uranus is shaking things up, on the chart and Pluto stations retrograde on the Full moon cycle which might present  an earthquake  in the 3 day cycle.   

This is the full moon to go deep and find areas that need your power.  Don't get caught up in power tripping or power trippers, that would be a missed opportunity of this signfigant full moon.       

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