Monday, September 20, 2021

Pisces Full Moon: September 20, 2021


In the middle of a crack, something wonderful grows.  

Pisces Full Moon

September 20, 2021 

4:45pm PDT 

28 Pisces 14


Welcome to the Harvest Full Moon.    The full moon closest to the Equinox, where we change seasons, is the Harvest Moon.   Some years it is the full moon in Aries and other years it is in Pisces.    This year our harvest moon is Pisces, suggesting that our intuition is our guide for the next three days. 


Like all full phases, the Sun is in opposition to the Moon.    In this case, Virgo who is forever focused on facts and flaws that are up close and, in our face, opposing Pisces who wants to dream its reality.      With every full moon the goal is to find the place in the middle between sun and moon. However, in this chart, arguably the thumb is on the scale for Pisces.   Neptune the ruler of Pisces is closest to the Moon in Pisces’ home sign.    Neptune, God of the sea dissolves what it touches, from sandcastles to concrete pilings, the ocean will eventually break it down.  Pisces speaks to universal love and compassion.     What concrete barriers do we have in our hearts and psyches that block love and compassion?      


Virgo understands every dot has importance.   The forgotten appointment, the skipped item on the To-Do list, the task we said we would take care of but neglected creates a crack in our goals.    However, Neptune and Pisces may ask us to deepen our knowledge of self.  Perhaps there is another goal that is bigger and under our To-Do list.    If we want to pay our phone bill before it gets shut off, okay, that makes sense.  But is there a bigger goal under it, do we need more income, or a job change or a location change to expand our resources?    What is our intuition telling us?   Whatever is the crack in our lives, Neptune and the Full Moon in Pisces may be asking us to let the space just ‘be’ for a moment, perhaps there is a dream forming.  


My own experience is that sometimes the “Universe” gets our attention through maybe a random encounter or thought.   Consider what crosses your brain or path during the three-day phase.    Or maybe some curious component of nature. I remember driving through a canyon in Los Angeles and my husband and I were blown away when we turned a corner and there was a huge buck with crazy big antlers.  A buck is not a usual sight for me in a mega city.    He seemed a wizened, old guy, I was so moved by his presence when we got home, I looked for my old medicine cards.   I read about Deer Medicine, and it was a reminder of finding gentleness.   At that time there was something that needed me to find gentleness.   I do not even remember what the issue was but the connect about the deer and leaning into gentleness stayed with me.     The universe has its way of getting our attention.

Just before the full moon, Mercury forms an exact trine with Jupiter.   This is interesting because it speaks to both Virgo who is ruled by Mercury and Jupiter who long before Neptune was discovered was Pisces’ ruler.  


Mercury and Jupiter are supporting each other on this full moon.   Mercury in Libra is focused on finding balance and communication in our relationships.   Jupiter in Aquarius reminds us that our values and goals are benefited when we share them with our community.   


During these three days, lean into your community.  It is a great moon to volunteer.   

It is also an important full moon to find abundance (Jupiter) and quell the negative critical (Virgo) voice.   It is good to bring practicality to where there is confusion and stay on details but if your intuition says to leave something alone, do it.   Maybe something new is supposed to grow a crack.     

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