Thursday, November 11, 2021

Neptune Station Direct: December 1


Neptune Mosaic Sousse Museum 

Neptune Stations Direct

December 1, 5:22am PST 

20 Pisces 24 


It is interesting that near the end of the Scorpio lunar cycle, with all the powerful tension, Neptune slows down and stations direct.   Neptune spends half of every year in retrograde, this period is wrapping up a cycle that started June 25th  


As we discussed at the beginning of the Neptune Retrograde , Neptune moved into Pisces in 2012 and will remain here until 2026.   Because Neptune is so far out in our solar system it takes many years for it to travel around the zodiac. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was between 1847 and 1862.   Neptune works the psyche on a spectrum from inspirational to delusional.   Finding reality can be challenging for Neptune, in any sign, but in Pisces it is ginned up like a fog machine on a Hollywood sound stage.  Clouds and fuzzy thinking everywhere.    In the last period of Neptune in Pisces, we know that in the years 1847-1862 was the run up and the beginning of the USA Civil War.  The first statement against slavery was written in early America in 1688 and yet slavery continued and grew.  By the time of 1776, there continued to be abolitionists but still those who argued why slavery must remain included the people who launched America’s Independence and wrote the constitution.   By the time Neptune got to Pisces eighty years later, the subject of abolition was so volatile that in 1856 Preston Brooks, a Senator from South Carolina canned and nearly beat to death Senator Charles Sumner an abolitionist from Massachusetts.    Now in this second round of America during Neptune in Pisces, we see the cracks and fissures of a country with roots in slavery.   Much will be processed.  


Interestingly, also in that previous era, in 1849 was the California Gold Rush.  People who had no history in mining packed up, left their homes in America and the world, and headed to California for big Neptune dreams.  Most of them would strike out as miners but many stayed, farmed rich soil, and built towns and businesses.   Now thiscycle of Neptune in Pisces draws attention to Silicon Valley and all the social media giants, like Facebook, leaving many of us to wonder, “Can’t we just turn Santa Clara County back to orchards?  


There will be no exact answers with Neptune, but feelings of hope and despair can show up around the station date.  Perhaps some world story will get our attention, probably around topics ruled by Neptune including the ocean, oil, gas, alcohol, drugs, dance, photography, film, and humanitarian causes.    Global warming events may be in the news.  As Neptune slows down and turns direct, we will have a lot to ponder as to what we learned or more importantly felt in our heart since June 25.   How much will our heart guide us until the next retrograde on June 28, 2022?  

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