Thursday, November 18, 2021

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. November 19, 2021 12:57am PST


path of lunar eclipse from Time And Date


November 19, 2021

12: 57 AM PST 

27 Taurus 14

This Taurus full moon is a partial lunar eclipse.   The percentage of the eclipse shadow is determined by the closeness the full moon is to the nodes.    The north node is at 1 degree of Gemini, so it is out of sign but still close enough to put the 27-degree moon in Taurus at 97 percent shadow.    This lunar eclipse Is also the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years.   The process will begin at 10:02pm Pacific time and last three hours and twenty-eight minutes and will be seen in North America, the pacific ocean and western edge of China, Japan and Australia.   It is also a blood moon meaning the shadow will have a rust color.    Clearly, this full moon is getting our attention.  


Taurus full moons remind us of the importance of the physical.    While we all like a good conversation or perhaps we like the feeling of our emotions with their peaks and flows, Taurus says, “That’s all fine and well but where is my shelter?  Where’s my bed?  Where’s my food? What’s going on with my body?”    Taurus speaks to grinding stuff down to the essentials including our money and work.   We get out of our head and get practical.     The eclipse of course can bring out the fears around these issues. This three-day lunar phase could bring up self-doubts.     Our money could look weak, or our property seems tired.  Our revenue source seems not enough.   The Sun in Scorpio (oppose the moon) is powerful it its ability to find our insecurity.  We could root around and poke up some icky stuff in our psyche   Fortunately, the gift of Scorpio is by exposing the ick we can also drill down and consider what is a real problem and what is just fear.   Jealousy, envy, maybe even pity party can be resolved by Taurus practicality.  Is there enough ____ (fill in the blank) to get you through the hour, day, week, year?    If there is a kernel of good, Taurus tells brother Scorpio, ‘Let’s start there and buildup”. 


Jupiter in Aquarius is in a T square to both the Sun and Moon reminding us that there is power in friends, associations, and our tribe of like-minded.   However, given it is a T Square, there may be a question if we have outgrown our circle.   Is the like-minded not so like-minded these days?  Or is too small and we need to expand, (Jupiter’s favorite word.) Nothing says the power of social network more than Jupiter in Aquarius.   It is interesting that this lunar eclipse has this strong aspect with Jupiter the month before Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on Dec 28.   Perhaps it is the final poke to get our attention that we might benefit if we get beyond our circle and find some common ground with people we would normally consider ‘outside’ our world.  


This full moon is also identified as Beaver Moon by Native Americans who observed that beavers are their busiest around this moon.   Perhaps we will find our own OCD kick in and we harness our power and have a busy three days taking care of those issues that will improve our practical world.  Just remember to not go too far and cue into your body.  Even beavers take naps. 

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