Sunday, February 6, 2022

Astrology This Week: Feb 7-14


Astrology this week:  Feb 8-13


The week continues the Crescent lunar phase. 




Crescent Moon Phase


Focus on: What are you learning about your independence or lack of it?  What are you learning about where you need to carve your own route?  What are you learning about survival?   Where do you need first time actions?  How is your unique voice important for independence? 




Special Focus


Feb 8: Mars trine Uranus.  Actions that are dynamic and have an out of the blue element.   Novelty and unique approaches and changes are highlighted. 


First Quarter Moon 

Feb 8

5:50am PST 


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that can be built upon later?  Where do you need help from like-minded people to help you build your own wealth?   What is your inventory of resources?   How can you improve upon it?  



Special Note


Feb 11: Mercury conjunct Pluto.  Leaning into intense thinking and analysis.  Themes that emerged around Dec 30 and Jan 28 could repeat.   This is the final round of this aspect for this year.  

Feb 11: Mercury trine North Node.  One of our first planet aspects with the new placement of North Node was 1/26 and now a revisit.    Knowledge stimulated on themes of money, properties, hedging bets that strengthen resources. 


Gibbous Moon

Feb 12, 2022 

9:33am PST   



Focus on:  How are you refining your emotions?  How are you using your emotions with more discretion?  How are you fine tuning your family or your interactions with your family? 



Special focus

Feb 14: Mercury enters Aquarius 

Feb 15:  Sun Square North Node.  Challenges between groups and personal interests. Community, resources, friends, money, like minded and money themes can be pronounced. 

Feb 16: Mars conjunct Venus.   Energy around matters of love.  How has love and matters of values morphed in the last two months?   

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