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Leo Full Moon: Feb 16, 2022


Leo.  1464 Manuscript.  J.P. Getty Museum -next to 405 freeway. 

Full Moon Phase 

28 Leo 00

Feb 16, 2022 

8:56am PST 



On the Leo full moon, we look for strength, love, and bigness.  


Once a year for three days in February we get the full moon in Leo.   In Aquarius (Sun) we are finding the power of we.  We look around at our world and our community and we see how we are all connected to each other.  We find the power in friendships and groups.   We see where we are all similar and where we share goals and perhaps visions.   But at the Leo full moon we stop down and take three days to find out what makes us special.    We pull away from the crowd and look at our gifts and skills and honor our uniqueness.   We tap into love and appreciation of others, and we look inward and find our self-esteem.   It’s okay to recognize your talents.   


There are not a lot of big aspects in the full moon chart however there is one aspect which is the grand cross between the Sun and Moon and north and south nodes in Taurus and Scorpio.   The nodes launched their new cycle in January and will be in Taurus and Scorpio until July 2023.  Between now and July 2023, when a planet forms an aspect with the nodes including the moon, we should look for signs and or lessons of the nodes in the world and in our lives to get our attention.  Taurus leans into practicality and things that are substance.   Scorpio knows the value of shedding and discarding to clear out for new growth.   A structure both physically and metamorphically that needs support may get our attention.  Financial matters could be pronounced.   Issues around death and rebirth.  Stagnation versus release.    On this full moon look for these themes.  


Two hours before the Full Moon, Venus conjuncts Mars at 17 degrees Capricorn.   Because of the speed of the planets and their retrogrades they eventually form a conjunction every couple years.    It is interesting that the last time they conjunct was in July of 2021 at 20 degrees of Leo.   Now this time the two of them are coming together in Capricorn but doing it on the Leo Full moon.  It feels like a relay race where the baton of Leo is being passed.    


Venus is love, money, art, beauty and values, Mars is swiftness, passion, action, warrior, and anger.    The two planets will be close to each other for the next few months and interestingly Venus will conjunct Mars again in March (3/5) but then it will be in Aquarius.   We would benefit by making the most of this Venus/Mars in Capricorn cycle.  The conjunction in Capricorn reminds us that romance and passion and beauty and action that are practical, sustainable, significant, and not airy-fairy are appealing.    Shallow actions, halfhearted gestures, and fake glossy patinas on matters of love and values will not be appreciated.   The last time Venus and Mars formed conjunction in Capricorn was January 1994.  See if there are any themes from 94 that re-appear.  


The Leo full moon may push on us to feel from our heart.  Something may come up fast but the ardent response in us will not be denied.   For three days see how you are asked to show strength, talent, boldness, drama and maybe just ‘bigness’.      You may be surprised that you have it in you.   


One note of warning, between Venus and Mars in Capricorn who can act snobby, and the shadow side of Leo which can be thin skinned, please note that solid self-esteem is not the same as big ego.   Figure out the difference and park your ego at the door.   


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