Sunday, February 5, 2023

Clear the clutter!


As our 2022 Treasure Maps continue to percolate, we now slowly prepare for the 2023 map by clearing out our spaces.
Between now and the Aries New Moon we declutter our homes, our offices, our cars, our spaces. We get rid of piles. We sort, we toss, we file. We take things that are broken to be repaird or to the trash. We look at our stuff and offer it up on Freecycle or Buy Nothing. One year I went through my t-shirts that were too small for me and picked out each one and sent to a friend who i thought would like it. They went in the mail. Then each friend called or texted and many sent photos wearing the shirt. I just 'knew' it would appeal to them. I got so much joy that year.
We clean the beejezus out of our spaces because as Einstein said, "No two objects can occupy the same space". We want clear space by the time we get to Aries new moon so our heads are clear and ready for our maps.
Also our thinking. Think about clearing our thoughts. How many negative thoughts come up, consider releasing those thoughts.
Happy clearing out !

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