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Leo Full Moon Feb 5, 2023


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Full Moon

16 Leo 40 

February 5, 2023 

10:28am PST 


Each full moon is the same process.   The moon opposes the sun forming a tug-of-war between the energy of the Sun who is expressing one set of values and the Moon who offers the opposite.  However, it is not right versus wrong, because both signs when distilled down share a commonality.  The gift of the full moon is to synthesize both energies.   


This Leo full moon reminds us to find what is special about us individually and at the same time connect to other through our groups.  Leo is the 2nd fire sign and Aquarius is the 3rd air sign.  The big fire roars because of the big oxygen.   It attracts others and can warm the soul of a big group.   At 16 degrees this full moon lands near the middle of Aquarius and Leo.   Aquarius asks us to look at our friends, associations, and groups.    It stretches us beyond family, partners, and work.   What do we make of community?  How do we identify to community?  Is it our knitting club?  Is it our gamer group?  Is it our local political group?   Is it our neighborhood council meeting?   In short, where do we join with others and come together on one theme?  With Leo, the direct opposite is on our mind.  Leo asks, “What makes me special?”   What makes me proud of my skills or creativity?  How am I unique?   Where can I do a victory lap on my efforts?   And of course, the challenge of the full moon is to find our specialness, love it AND bring it to a group whom we care about.   Distilled down Leo and Aquarius Is ---appreciation.   Appreciation of our own skills and appreciation of a group’s skills.  Which of course is a mental take on love.   


This full moon has a strong square with Uranus in Taurus seeding the three-day cycle with some stress.  Since 2018 when Uranus moved into Taurus there has been an emphasis on change at the ground level.   At times Uranus has seemed to crack the foundations however they only crack if there are fissures.    Uranus shocks and shakes up, the seen and unseen fissures.   Uranus brings earthquakes and lightning strikes.  While Aquarius likes to get lost in group thought and Leo can get lost in ego, on this full moon Uranus in Taurus will be telling both to knock it off by shaking something in an unexpected manner or location.   There could be a news story that speaks to this shake up.   And certainly, it could show up in a personal experience (especially for people with planets at 15-17 fixed signs).   The response that can help will be long on creativity, with bold, strong actions (Leo) that align and serve others in a group or community (Aquarius) who in turn appreciate the efforts.  Together all three bring a concrete unique solution (Uranus in Taurus).   


Additionally, Venus the planet of love, in Pisces and Mars the planet of action, in Gemini are in square; Venus is trying to bring intuition to the 3-day full phase and Mars is bringing logic.   The problem is if Venus is unrealistic, and Gemini so logical that it blocks the good from the Universe.  


This is not the 3-day phase to rain on anyone’s parade but at the same time, this is not the time for a trip to fantasyland.    


All in all, this full moon is a bit bumpy but Mars the planet of action remains in trine with the Sun and is sextile to the moon.   Whatever should show up as a big or a small hurdle we have the energy to move on it or in response to it.  Mars in Gemini is very clever and versatile.    Meaning we got this one.   Just remember to tap the power of a strong self-esteem and the love of others and always, leave ego at the door. 


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