Friday, November 17, 2023

Astrology for Nov 16-26


Crescent Moon Phase

November 16, 2023

3:58pm PST  



Focus on: What are you learning about your place in the world?  What are you learning about big business, big government?   Where are your leadership skills?  What are you learning about those skills?  


Special Focus

11/17:  Mars trine Neptune. Actions based on faith, metaphysics, kindness brings spiritual wholeness  

11/17 :  Sun trine Neptune.  Faith, creativity, artistic endeavors bring joy.  

11/17: Sun conjunct Mars.  Strong will, deep diving.   Knowing how to keep one’s powder dry.  



First Quarter Moon 

November 20, 2023

2:49am PST 





Focus on:  How are you taking actions that support friends?  How are your actions supported by groups?  How are your actions supporting groups?  What actions are taking that connect to like minded?   What actions speak to greater good for group?  



Special Note


11/20: Sun sextile Pluto. More depth brings evolution.    

11/21: Mars sextile Pluto.  Actions help transform situations.  

11/22 : Venus oppose Chiron.   Peace and love help old wounds around independence heal. 




Gibbous Moon

November 23, 2023  

1:02pm PST  



Focus on:  How are you refining your independence?  How are you refining self-determination?   How are you refining your authenticity?  


Special focus

11/23: Sun square Saturn.   Actions that are too bold, too righteous are slowed down.  Strident behaviors feel too abrasive.  

11/24: Mars enters Sagittarius.  Six weeks of big ideas, adventures, and large personality.   

11/25: Mars square Saturn.   Actions get stalled.  Cold water on big hot plans.  Perhaps the plans are too big? 

11/25: Mercury shadow begins  

11/26: Mercury trine North Node.  Communication that is steeped in a big idea that facilitates independence and self-agency 


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