Sunday, November 26, 2023

Gemini Full Moon: Nov 27, 2023



November 27, 2023

Full Moon

1:16am PST

4 Gemini 51  


Each full moon can bring challenges and opportunities.   With Gemini full moon, our thoughts and our communication are getting our attention.    What we say is based on what we think.   How is our thinking?  Is it fresh?  Is it stale?   For the next three days we will learn a lot about our connections with others.   What are we saying?  What are we communicating even if it is nonverbal?  Is it a fresh truth?   


The Sun and Mars in conjunction opposing the Moon in Gemini is sparky.   Mars is sharp and forceful in any sign but especially energized in fiery Sag.   Actions that are swift get our attention.  Sag Sun brings an international component to this full moon chart.   However, finding the subtle and nuance could be difficult.  During this three-day phase there could be a lot of opinions that may sound intellectual and smart or even philosophical but with that Moon in Gemini, one must question if the opinions are based on current facts or based on some old stuff in a leftover playbook.   Fresh intelligence is important for any opinion. 


Gemini loves data and facts, and Sagittarius knows how to interpret the facts.   Sag likes to get distance while Gemini is closer to the ground.  The problem is when Gemini lets the facts stop something good from happening because it dithers. Sagittarius is a problem when it looks for a short cut or is stuck doing something the old way because it “worked then, it should work now.”   In our personal lives and in global news, we may see examples of Know-It-Alls being caught off guard.   


This is not a shrinking violet of a full moon.  It’s strong.  There may be a big desire to get moving, get out there, and have big experiences.   But the moon in Gemini can bring distraction.   Finding and keeping focus during this full moon is a challenge.  




Saturn in Pisces squaring the Sun and the Moon is a challenge.   Both the Sun in Sag and the Moon in Gemini want to move fast.  The urge to fix something now, get something now, make a move now could be great.   But in some cases, it may not be the right move.   Saturn rules timing.  Any hurdles or slowdowns may be important reminder that maybe judgements are off, or thinking is off.   Saturn delays but never denies so try not personalizing hurdles or slow patches.   Saturn in Pisces also reminds us that finding the human in our humanitarian heart is soothing and tapping faith is important.  


Additionally, Mercury which is Gemini’s ruling planet is sextile Venus.    Values of the heart are speaking to the mind.   Will it get our attention?    The key is slowing down.  When we slow down, we realize love is the answer no matter the question.    A lot to learn this three-day full moon phase. 

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