Monday, July 22, 2013

Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon
July 22   2:15pm EDT

And here we are at the Full Moon in Aquarius.   The Sun moved into Leo an hour or so before the Moon waxed out leaving us with a Full Moon at 00 Aquarius 05.

The full moon pulls on our creativity, courage, some theatrics, bravery and daring side while at the same time we are connecting with others, pitching in together and exhibiting team work to solve issues or build upon a dream and vision.     The Aquarius moon highlights technology.   Twitter, Facebook, the world wide web and computers are all about Aquarius.   So, is the old technology like phones, TV and radio.    Again, things that connect us to one another.  

On this full moon chart, Saturn is pushing the sun and moon to show up in a hard way.   We have to pay the piper this full moon.  Responsibility, being realistic, cold water may splash on any face who has been in la-la land.    This full moon will put the conversation on what makes sense.   Saturn in Scorpio does not give away power easily.  But what it does do quite well, is ‘cut its losses’ and move on.    As much as you may want to fall into drama (Leo) over some issue, or pursue an ideal no matter what the costs (Aquarius).   Saturn will respond with “Really? Is this the right pursuit?   Are you wasting valuable time chasing a dead end?   ---Knock it off!”     Dead ends may show up this full moon.  But so will creative and new alternative roads, if you are brave enough to take them.

Money and love may be tweaked this full moon due to a snarky aspect with Venus.  Don’t personalize it, just write it up as a karmic debt you gotta pay and move on.   Finally, look around your crowd; are they pushing you to be great?   Are they encouraging you to be more, to stretch to have great goals?   Or are you connected to your crowd through complaining?   You can do whatever you want but just possibly this full moon will push you to consider bonding with others on uplifting ideals.

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