Monday, July 22, 2013


HRH –New Prince  

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth this afternoon July 22,  to a 8lb baby boy.  By all reports, his father Prince William was there for the momentous occasion.    

HRH – New Prince was born the last few minutes of Sun in Cancer. And when I say last few minutes I mean last few minutes.   Had HRH-New Prince been born at 4:57pm instead of 4:24pm he would be a Leo ---no ifs ands or buts.     However with his birth time he is 29 Cancer 58.      I usually don’t play the cusp game.   “You are what you are,” is sort of my policy. But I got to wonder about the New Prince.    His grandmother Diana was a Cancer and was naturally shy.   His father, William is also a Cancer and not a playah like his younger brother Harry (Virgo) and yes, maybe not as shy as his mother but still no one would confuse William with a big, bold, brash Leo.    I will put some money that the new heir will be noisier and out there a bit more than his dad, grandmother and mom. 
    What is also interesting is that New Prince has a Moon at 28 degrees of Capricorn.   Again, the last few degrees of the sign.   And don’t let all those news reporters standing in front of St. Mary’s Hospital confuse you with their shots of the Moon, New Prince was not born on a Full Moon.  If he had been born at 7:07pm he would have had a Moon in Aquarius and if he had been born at  7:15pm he would have been a born on Full Moon.    But since he was born at 4:24pm he was born on a Gibbous Moon.  Of course, his mom has Sun in Capricorn and  I just took a peek at his mom’s chart and she has moon in Cancer.  So, she is a Cap with Moon in Cancer and New Prince is a Cancer with Moon in Capricorn.    Perfect symmetry there.    William by the way was born on a New Moon and has Sun and Moon in Cancer.    Man, that is so much water in one little family, I’m thrilled there is a patina of fiery Leo on New Prince.    After all it is good to mix it up a bit.

Astrologers will write volumes on New Prince’s Mercury conjunct Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer.   His brain will move way faster than the words coming out of his mouth and of course Jupiter conjunct Mercury can blurt out stuff before they think which will cause him some bumps with friends, teachers and family.   But given my own son has Mercury/Jupiter conjunct in Cancer I can say without hesitation he will be very sensitive.   I predict a pet kitty will be in the palace, scratching up some old tapestry of Henry the VIII no doubt.   

One little shadow part of the chart which leaves me scratching my head a bit, is Saturn in Scorpio Square Moon and Sun.   Saturn brings out our insecurity and with a square to Sun and Moon, there is a level of not feeling ‘good enough’ for mom (Moon) and dad (Sun).   Whether it is for a real reason or not, the person with the Sun/Moon hard aspect with Saturn just feels judged.      Since Saturn is in his 11th house it might simply be a case of a life too cloistered and he wants to be with more of the regular joes.  I dunno.   Let other astrologers muse on it in 2060 or whenever he takes the throne (long after I’m gone.)  In the meantime, I wish New Prince an abundant, joyful life with his lovely family.

One other thing:   Scorpio Rising, Moon and Pluto in 2nd house and four planets in 8th house--if he wasn't going to be a future king I would ship him off to NYC where he would be the King of Wall Street.  Pretty potent placements for money and power.   


  1. In ta kraljevi otrok bo čez 20 let dobro živel v bogastvu. Dobro živel na račun delavcev sedel v senci medtem, ko bodo gradbeni delavci delali v vročini in trplenju za majhen denar.

  2. Moja največja ljubezen je izgubila svojo največjo ljubezen (ALN 164).