Thursday, October 17, 2013

Full Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse

Aries full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
October 18, 2013
7:37pm EDT

25 Libra 44
25 Aries 44

An Aries moon in any 28 day lunar cycle is usually a day full of vigor.  A full moon in Aries doubles the punch.    And now a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries adds steroids to the mix!   This is not a relaxed weekend.   Even if you are laying in bed your emails, texts, FB posts will speak to the energy. 

Rash thoughts and actions could be in the news.  And certainly everyone should watch their driving!     

But what about the undercurrents?  Not the obvious firestorm that is Aries.  What about the energy that is moving through us to shake things up?   The energy to break new ground?   What should we do with that energy?   The moon is in trine to Mars the ruling planet of Aries.  There is a push to take care of stuff not just mentally but actually getting up and doing something.    A lot of tasks can be tackled this weekend.  

If you are brave you will make important moves or you will say something to someone to draw a line in the sand.  Not to be a d-bag but more to make the point that enough is enough.  Self Love will be important.   You may also  reach out to someone whom you respect, someone you see who is out front --- and ask them for advice.    Remember you don’t get the full moon in Aries without the Sun in Libra.  Libra energy likes to get along, they like to cooperate.   Where do you need to negotiate?   Where do you need diplomacy?   

On this full moon chart there is a square between Jupiter with the Sun and Moon which means diplomacy might be challenged.  But we should still find a way to negotiate even in the tension.   However, having said that, this is not an aspect for  “peace at any cost”.   Where are you being marched on, spit on, shat on?   How is that working for you?    Watch what this moon tells you about your fear.   If your fear is keeping you small in one area of your life it is probably keeping you small in another area.  One that you may not even be tracking!    See what comes up this weekend.   Gets some feedback from others.   And consider what you want your future to look like. 

On Monday Mercury will be going retrograde and we know there is going to be some confusion.   I’m thinking there may be people who will finally put their foot down this weekend and then there will be three weeks (length of retrograde) of adjustments for everyone involved.   

One thing about Aries full moon that I always like is the fact that Libra reminds us we are not alone.   There is a partner for us, a buddy, a someone who will stand in our corner.   This is critical to the growth of Aries.   Aries energy values its loner time, doing things alone, but not on this moon, if we want to grow and break out we need to do it for someone else or do it knowing we are being supported by another.   Ask for advice and remember that person who gives you counsel is in your corner.   You are not alone even when you are doing things alone.   Read that twice. 


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