Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ruby Slipper on Next Week's Square

I found a very nice write up  by Ruby Slipper  on next week's Uranus/Pluto Square.   God knows I have written tons but it is good to get other people's perspective.   RS reminds me that there is a YOD with this hit.  I like YOD's. I was born with a couple and they are source of energy for me.  As my husband likes to joke, "can be a force of good or a force of not so good." Usually the not so good involves him having to drive somewhere after work or on a weekend when he would rather be on his bike and do something that he thinks is ridiculous.   Yep. Sounds like my yod.

Anyway, give this a read and consider how the energy is piling together in your life.

Are you ready for another exact Uranus/Pluto square? There’s one on November 1st (at 9 degrees).
You may be feeling it already. October 17th to November 1st is the time of peak intensity. Uranus retrograde (in Aries) will bring the shock of revelation/revolution against the Pluto (in Capricorn) agenda of deep transformation. You know the drill by now. If you don’t, check the link at the start of this article.
But this Uranus/Pluto square will have something extra. A Yod, exact on November 1st, from the Sun (at 9 degrees Scorpio) and Mars (at 9 degrees Virgo) to Uranus. The Sun and Mars will sextile each other, while each hit Uranus with an awkward inconjunct (the tricky aspect that demands adjustment between incompatible signs).
The Yod is powerful and troublesome. The tension of the two inconjuncts drives energy towards the focal planet (in this case, Uranus in Aries). Mars in Virgo’s engine of improvement will harmonize with the Sun in Scorpio’s fuel of evolution. But these signs want change to happen thoroughly, and only once the time is right. Uranus in Aries just wants to leap ahead. There’s the power; Scorpio and Virgo pressing for complete/proper transformation, onto the red-hot trigger of Uranus in Aries.
Something’s going to pop. The houses in your chart with Aries, Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio will be involved, and the theme will be different speeds of change, all colliding. Since Uranus will be the focal planet of the Yod, sudden change will dominate. The Aries section of your chart will be the hot zone; watch for surprising (and seemingly unconnected) reactions to what’s happening in other areas of your life.
Keep in mind that Mars in Virgo will be forming a harmonious trine -----GO TO LINK for rest of article. 

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