Sunday, October 6, 2013

This week

We are still in the New Moon phase on Monday.   We still have opportunity to plant seeds that speak of relationships, partnerships and balance.   If you look around you may see things that are fair and things that are not fair.  What does it mean to you?   Will you do something about it?   

As I wrote last week this 28 day lunar phase is rife with tension.    But under the tension is the need for change.    The rub is sometimes we don’t know the changes we need unless there is a crisis.      Take a breath, look where you have been  frozen, righteous, fearful or lazy  and make a change.

Focus:   Where are you negotiating?  What is out of balance?  What needs more energy?  What needs to be cut off?   How are we focusing all our time?  How can we fix ourselves and leave the other people to their maker?    How do we relate to people?   Are we strong, weak, bold, soft, shy, dramatic, messy, crisp…how is it working for us?  Is it time to change our approach?

Special Focus:  
10/7:Venus enters Sag

Crescent Moon Phase
October 8 2013
9:04am EDT 

Focus on:  What information are you receiving that speaks to things that are ‘foreign’?   What information are you receiving that speaks to education?  Or speaks to traveling?  What speaks to your philosophy?   How do you need more international, educational, traveling and philosophical affairs to bring more balance? 

Special Focus:
10/8: Mercury/Saturn: Sarcasm rules.  Harsh but productive thinking. 
10/10:Venus/Neptune: delusional, muted energy around love, money and values.

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