Wednesday, March 11, 2015

High Tension Time

I indicated a few days ago that the tension is mounting.   I should have added, "No kidding."
The astrology is clear, we are in a tense time and as a person living in Los Angeles I can see the tension build in the most obvious of ways---driving.   Oh, lordy, people running yellow lights, short fuses, horn honks, I even watched a motorcyclist in my rearview mirror fly in the air and land sideways.   Luckily the driver got up and dusted himself off but still I let out a gasp.  

How are your friends and family?  Are people losing their Sh$#t?    Are you offering comfort but also scratching your head?   Sometimes we just have to ride out the fever until it breaks.   Saturday's Saturn retrograde and Uranus/Pluto final square on next Monday are the two high tension poles and the wires in between are the rest of the aspects we are processing between last Monday and next Monday.   Remember, the Uranus Pluto aspect next Monday will be the last time they get into it for about 30 more years.  

Monday 3/9   Mars trine Jupiter 11:03pm

Tuesday 3/10 Moon Square Jupiter

Wednesday 3/11 Venus semi square Neptune
Wednesday 3/11 Mars conjunct Uranus
Wednesday 3/11 Mars square Pluto

Thursday 3/12 Moon conjunct Saturn
Thursday 3/12 Moon square Neptune

Friday 3/13 Mercury semi square Pluto
Friday 3/13 Moon square Sun

Saturday 3/14 Saturn retrograde  8:03am PDT
Saturday 3/14 Moon Square Uranus
Saturday 3/14 Moon conjunct Pluto
Saturday 3/14 Moon square Nodes

Sunday 3/15 Moon square Mars
Sunday 3/15 Moon square Venus
Sunday 3/15 Mercury square Saturn

Monday 3/16 Uranus square Pluto 5:53pm PDT

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