Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Pisces New Moon
March 20, 2015
5:56am EDT

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Solar Eclipse

And so here we are---we are at the sixth and final auspicious New Moon.  For six months we have had either a new moon at zero degrees of a sign or at 29 degrees of a sign.    It is either the beginning of the journey or the final moment of a journey.    Last month we described the 29 degree Aquarius New Moon as a journey beginning on the edge of a desert about to enter a jungle.   In this case with a new moon at 29 degrees of Pisces we are walking out of the ocean, waves crashing on our feet for the final time as we embark on our land journey.    The ocean is behind us but we must remember what it is like to swim and float and take that memory with us for 29 days.   With Pisces we aren’t fighting our way through this lunar cycle, we are floating through it.   

The remarkableness of this New Moon is not just that it is at 29 degrees but within a few hours of the new moon the sun moves into Aries launching the Spring Equinox.     Winter is behind us, it is time to get our spring in our step as we look for signs of renewal not just in the terrain of our outer world but also in our inner psyche. And for those in the southern hemisphere you are relieved to say goodbye to hot summer with its starkness and welcome the quiet and coolness of winter.   
And finally this auspicious moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse.   This is the first total eclipse of the sun since November 2013.    We always have solar eclipses every year but they are usually partial.   This Eclipse will be seen way, way north, outside of some people on Norwegian Islands it will be a solar eclipse primarily seen by artic caribou.  But for the rest of us, what we don’t see is immaterial because we will all FEEL it.    And just to add a little more panache to an already intense moon is the fact that it will be at the moon’s closest point to Earth making it a Supermoon.   It will look very big and bright in the night sky.   Catching all of our attention.  And that is not an accident.

And then there is one more thing worth noting about this new moon and that is the fact that it is taking place four days after the final square of Uranus and Pluto.     Oh, lord, the last ten days have not been easy.  I may not be able to see you on the other side of this computer screen but trust me I know many of you feel like you have been in a car wreck in the last couple of weeks.   It has been a stressful three years ever since Uranus and Pluto began their effed up dance in 2012.  And the run up to the final aspect on March 16 was not for the meek.   No  kidding.   But we are all here and I am happy to report that Uranus and Pluto have swung their partner for the final time and are now off the dance floor giving space to other planets to suck up some oxygen.   

Do you think we need this New Moon for renewal?   No kidding.  Let’s all get down on our knees and show gratitude for this glorious Pisces New Moon.  Even if it is at the final degree.  We’ll take it!  

What is this New Moon about?    First of all imagine you are hot and tired and dirty and the only thing you want is a cool shower.     That feeling of washing off the grime and yuck in the shower is exactly THIS New moon and lunar cycle.     Pisces knows the importance of baptismal given it is the final water sign of the zodiac.  It is also the final sign of the zodiac.  The large journey we started last Spring with the Aries new moon (and Treasure Map) is in its final days.  And now

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