Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Work I Would Like You To Do (Uranus/Pluto)

The DNA Work I would like you to do  ---From this Astrologer’s POV -- Uranus/Pluto

I have put up various postings that speak of the power of Pluto and the revolution of Uranus.   Ever since 2012, twice a year Uranus has squared Pluto causing ruckus for the world and for us as individuals.   I have said more than once that even if you don’t have a personal planet getting zapped by Uranus and Pluto you are still dealing with the powerful tension.   In the last year I have emphasized quite a bit that Pluto is connected to forces deep inside like magma in volcanoes, or the energy in nuclear power and more to the point, the DNA inside all of us.   

I have encouraged all of you at some time in the last year to look at the people that make up your family of origin and ask how those people, many long dead are still influencing you.    

My reason for having you look back was not to hold on to resentments or go over painful memories but more to deal with the bumps in your psyche so that you heal and evolve into a new future.   More then once I suggested the imagery of the bumps being like Princess and the Pea fairy tale.   No matter how many mattresses you put on the bump---It is still there.   So, I suggested why don’t you go remove it.  

Well, as I was telling you this and telling you that. I was also contemplating my own life and the lives of others.     As you know on January 20th we launched the Aquarius New Moon at Zero Aquarius and I reminded everyone that they should be willing to be weird and be willing to be brilliant.   I also reminded everyone that Mercury turning retrograde and spending the entire three weeks in Aquarius would also support us tuning our brain onto our brilliance and our weird.   

And so that was where I found myself a few weeks ago as I contemplated the final square between Uranus and Pluto on March 16.    On Monday we will have the final (seventh) round of Uranus squares Pluto.  We won’t experience this again until 2040s.  We really need to get the most out of the tension since it is not happening again for thirty years.    One more time---this aspect happened in the early 1930s and in the mid 1960’s.    Those were not shy decades.   Get it?  Remember it?  And if you are young and have questions:  Did you ever seen news footage with Adolph Hitler?  Did you ever see African Americans fire hosed for simply wanting the right to vote?    

And what is key and every astrologer on earth knows this fact that what we are experiencing right now in 2012-2015 is tied to 1960’s.  And what happened in the 1960’s is tied to what happened in the 1930s.    

So, what does this all mean?  I will tell you---You would be highly served if you looked at your DNA and thought about your family tree and what is activated in your DNA even if you technically don’t know it.   What am I saying?

You know you have blue eyes because of your grandmother on your father’s side.  You can say that your daughter is tall because of your husband’s mother.  You can see your curly hair every time you look at a photo of your mother’s sister.  
You don’t think twice about those chromosomes and how they all lined up.  Passed down from your family to you and beyond.   

But what about the other stuff that was passed down that might not be so obvious …at first?     Like, are you a superwoman?  Who was that first superwoman in your family?  Was it great great grandma who got on a boat from Ireland by herself and landed in NY?   Scared and afraid did she marry an alcoholic and have to be strong to keep her family together?  Was her daughter and granddaughter a superwoman?  Is that  superwoman gene that was switched on during those hardships in the 1880s still in the ‘on’ mode now in you?   
Or what about the man who can’t seem to get his career off the ground?   What happened  in the 1930’s when grandpa was born and his father (great-grandfather) was laid off in the middle of The Depression, he was so depressed he just moved on from the family.  Did that little boy make a decision that work means abandonment?   And what about food issues?   Oh, lordy what about them?   What family ancestor spent so much of their life starving that it was passed down in the genetic memory?   I have my own opinion about American and weight issues.  I know technically we have more fast foods and bad food habits but under all that I do think that so many of our ancestors came to America because they were poor and starving in their native countries.   And that starving, fear based gene is in our DNA and the switch is on and we have a lot of fat Americans.  

What are you own genetic memories?   Even if you technically don’t know your family tree you can find that story.   

I am asking you to meditate, get quiet.  And find the story in your genes.  In your quietness allow yourself to ‘feel’ your family’s long story.  Abandonment, resentment, fear, shock, depression..  Get quiet you will find the story of your ancestors.    Obviously, you have many gifts that have also been passed down  and for that you should be grateful.   But there is the yucky things that have been passed down and THOSE are the ones I would like you to hunt down and release.  Tell the superwoman you are done.  Tell the abandoned child who decided money equals sad family  to be gone, tell the starving ancestor who is behind weight issues—byebye.  

We can always do this work, I do it in a sauna, my friend does it while swimming.  Others do it in meditation.   I met a woman who actually helps people do this work with others.    Whatever path you take, is fine. But please start the release work now.  Use this final aspect between Uranus and Pluto to help you release those yucky memories so you can get on with your life in a new profound way.   


  1. Imam en velik in trden dokaz, da ti resnično samo meni pripadaš. Naprimer, ko napišem v okence na googlu na internetu tvoje ime in priimek, pa kliknem na slike se pojavi moje ime in priimek ter ime tvojega bivšega fanta kateri je izgubil življenje v neki tragediji. Moje ime in moj priimek se na tem internetu pojavlja poleg imena in priimka tvojega pokojnega fanta že od 22.decembra 2014 dalje. Zakaj pa se poleg mojega in tvojega bivšega fanta kateri je umrl v tragediji ne pojavi ime tvojega sedanjega fanta. To je zato, ker je tvoj sedanji fant v resnici tvoj lažni fant. Pravi in resnični fant sem torej jaz in tvoj bivši fant kateri je umrl v neki tragediji. Bog mi na tem internetu tudi to potrjuje. In nobena tretja oseba več ne pripada tebi. Res je temu tako!

  2. Hello Tracy,

    Great post!- and "Yes!" to reviewing the generational links.

    I have moon in Taurus in the 8th, in grand trine to Pluto/Uranus, 12th, Mars/Venus, 4th. Born in '65, your post spoke directly to my reality. Yes, food issues, Yes, superwoman. and Yes profound empowerment through release~~~~!

    You Rock!

    Tricia Keith