Friday, October 9, 2015

Mercury Direct may have been a mess but at least we survived!

Mercury turned direct on October 9 at 9:57am EDT.

Thank God that is over.

Mercury retrograde in air sign Libra is like a F4 tornado and this one certainly did quite a number on all of us, no?
Did you experience some bumps in relationships?  Did you draw up boundaries?  Did you help others as they processed their own bumps in relationships and partnerships?   Did you feel like there were not enough hours in the day?   Did you learn something about negotiation?  Did you learn that brokering a deal is not the same as selling the farm?  Did you learn the value of being in grey and not in black and white?      Yeah, we all learned something.    

But the good news is.....we are done with mercury retrogrades until January 2016!!   Hurray.  Yeah, it will be lame to have to start the next one at the beginning of the year (January 5) but hopefully we'll all be done with airplane flights and family obligations and it will be a somewhat sensible retrograde. If that is possible.

In the meantime, enjoy the unwinding of Mercury as it moves forward bit by bit.   On Monday we have Libra New Moon and after Mercury retrograde in Libra for three weeks we will be wildly prepared for this New Moon to get our partnerships going in a new profound manner.


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