Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week in Astrology

This photo has nothing to do with astrology.  But I couldn't resist.

But back to Astrology....

This week…

The moon continues Crescent Phase (started 10/16) 

Focus on: What are you learning about your philosophical nature? What are you learning about people or places or situations that seem “foreign”?  What are you learning about your education?  What are you learning from the media?   And more to the point how is all of the above hurting or serving you?  

Special Focus:
10/16: Venus Oppose Neptune.  Confusion around love, beauty and value.  Money also seems wonky.   Get quiet and meditate.  Real answers will come later.  
10/17: Mars conjunct Jupiter.  Intense sparks and big ass opinions.  It is nearly impossible to see the forest for the trees.  Microscope vision steps on Telescope vision.   Try to merge the two approaches.

First Quarter Moon
October 20, 2015
4:31pm EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that support your career?  What actions can you take that build upon your position the world?  What actions can you take that help you go ‘up the ladder’?  What does the ladder even mean to you?   What actions can you take that give you a spine?   

Special focus
10/23: Venus trine Pluto.  New resources flow into Love matters, money matters and beauty&creative manners.   Shedding brings new.  
10/23: Sun in Scorpio.

Gibbous Moon
October  24, 2015
2:58am EDT

Focus on:
What have you missed about your faith? What have you missed about your intuition?  How can you refine your spirituality?  What are your dreams telling you?  How is your ‘gut’ ringing?  

Special Focus:
10/ 25: Venus con Jupiter. Love is big.  Opinions are loving. Softness meets the loudmouth.   Philosophies find a kindness. 

10/25: Mercury opposite Uranus.   Brilliance meets quick wittedness.  Yeah, they are not the same.   Everyone has a snappy answer to stupid questions.  Watch the tongue. 

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