Monday, October 26, 2015

Taurus Full Moon October 27. Shed please.

Taurus Full Moon
3 Scorpio 44

October 27, 2015
8:05am EDT

This full moon is our Third SuperMoon.   Supermoons are when the Moon is at perigree close to earth and in this case tightly opposite the Sun.   It will probably be big and orange and spooky when it rises.  How perfect so close to Halloween.

We continue to be in the Libra lunar cycle but we are now getting our depth on.  How are your relationships doing?  How are you finding your way?  How is your partner finding his or her way?  Who needs space?   Who needs a real deep connection?    How are you bridging these desires?

And more to the point who needs to find space or air (Libra) inside them?  And who needs to find a real deep connection within themselves?    How are you running in fear and doing the same old same old?   Lord, really?  Are you going to actually stay in the same old stupid patterns?
Why am I talking to you, anyway?  

With Taurus we are balancing earth with watery Scorpio.   Scorpio is the pipe that takes the dirty water out of houses and our psyches.   Taurus is the gunk in the pipe or it is the structure that holds up the pipe.   Ah, that is a good question.  Are you and your habits/insecurities the crap?  Or are you super practical and helping to flush out the crap, which is of course your habits and insecurities?

And how are you trying to control your world?   Lord.  I hope you have slowed down on all of that. 

We have been talking a lot about shedding in the last couple years while Saturn was in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.  They were in what is called mutual reception and it was a whole lotta of letting go of crap.  Now that Saturn has moved out of Scorpio and into Sag we have some other issues to deal with that are more about rhetoric and beliefs systems and we’ll talk more about that in November.  

But right now we still have time to shed and we’re in that period with this Taurus Full Moon and again with Scorpio New Moon in two weeks.    This full moon, both the sun and moon have a harsh aspect with Mars so let’s not run roughshod on anyone.   BREATHE, Please.   Even if you are dealing with some super-duper d-bags, don’t put the car in first gear and run them over.    Instead take that Marsian energy and go deep in your own world.   Where should you look?  Well given Mars and Venus are on top of each other (Virgo) you should once again look at YOUR self worth and self value.    If someone is treating you like crap, use this full moon to find your self-value and draw a line in the sand ….For YOU!   What will you no longer take?   Great.  Find the line and make practical (there is that Taurus word) adjustments.   And what is going on with your calendar?  How are you spending your time and day?  If it is not supporting what you love (Venus) …then find practical solutions to change it.    It’s really simple, folks.  Do the little stuff and the rewards will be big.   Bit by bit you can get some great evolution going on in your life. 

At the same time there is a lovely aspect between Neptune and the Sun and the moon that is asking us to put our faith in our journey.   Our intuition is speaking to us about the leaps we should make. The leaps that help us build concrete solutions to SHEDDING.   

What should we shed?

Are you acting like you did when you were younger in sexual relationships?  Where are the insecurities?  Flush them.
Are you acting like you always had with money?  Where are the insecurities?  Flush them.
Are you acting like you always do with power issues?  Where are the insecurities?  Flush them.
Are you holding on too tight to stuff, feelings, issues and bad behaviors that are frankly juvenile?   Flush them.

The full moon is only three days long.  It ends when Disseminating Phase starts on November 30, 3:20 EDT watch what comes up and get your practical on!  
But please don’t hang on to old yucky patterns.

You aren’t on this planet that long to be doing that stuff.    Let me put a flag in the sand on something.  When Uranus moves into Taurus in 2018 (March) there will be some big ass changes in the world.   And when Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023 we will have even more big ass world changes.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1935-1942…hmm…what was going on in those years?  Hmmm what was it called… Oh, yeah, WW2.   And the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1778-1798…hmmm what was going on then, due tell, I can’t remember.   Oh, yeah, The American and French Revolution.    Oh. 

Anyway, every now and then I will point this out to you so that you can lighten your load and be ready for changes down the road. Not because I’m scared and worried. I’m not.  But because I want you to simply be light on your feet and brain.   Anyway,   this is one of those time I ask you to start to shed and leap!

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