Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jupiter Saturn: The Final Punch

On May 26 
8:28am EDT

Jupiter will make its final square with Saturn in Sag and we will once again be asking ourselves (and others) “Is the walk matching the talk?”    If people are full of big ego (Jupiter) talk but their real world doesn’t match their words (Saturn), we will all say, “Busted!”  This could be both in the news and in our personal lives.      

Jupiter leaves Virgo on September 9th so we have some time to get our actions and words in sync.   And by the way, we really do want to get this piece figured out.  Because when Jupiter moves into Libra in September if our side of the street is not clean then our relationships are going to be up our ass in way that will hurt.   Just remember Pluto is in Cap and Uranus is in Aries and they are not going to be nice to Jupiter in Libra when he gets into it with them next year.   Clean up your side of the street between now and September.  Just sayin’

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