Thursday, May 5, 2016

Taurus New Moon May 6...Taking the shortest route between A & B

Taurus New Moon
May 6, 3:29pm EDT

My goodness we need this 29 day cycle.  That was one rough and tumble Aries, for sure.   We should have made the most of it and got our Treasure Map up but I am sure we all ready for the sanity of Taurus earthbound energy.  

This one is extra supportive with terrific aspects with Jupiter & Pluto and the North Node.

I put up the whole article HERE.      But here is a snippet....

Values Rule

Oh, Nellie how we need this Taurus New Moon.   And oh, how we should run with it! After the last month’s fiery Aries we should all be craving the stability of Taurus the first earth sign of the zodiac.

Let’s cut to the chase.  Taurus rules what you value.  Its ruling planet is Venus and yes, Venus is associated with love but underneath the love is value.   We love because we value him, her or it.    Money is ruled by Taurus and again, it is a value.  We pay X for something because we value it at that agreed amount.  We receive X for our services because we are paid what someone values our service at that level.       Money and love are easy to talk about because it is the crux of probably 90 percent of the conversations anyone is having with anyone on planet earth.      And all of this falls under the Taurus bailiwick along with real estate, properties, building a business, putting money in a savings account, being reliable, and using common sense.   

In this particular New Moon the Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury and trine Pluto in Capricorn along with a trine to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo.     Wow.  That’s a lot of good on good.    The Mercury influence on the chart suggests that we will be thinking a lot about what, who and how we value situations and people and how we spend our time and money.  We will be practical about how we exert our energy.    Perhaps in the last few months there have been other areas of our life that have been neglected because we have been so focused on only one or two situations and have let the other parts of our life go to seed.    With a trine to Jupiter and North Node in Virgo those gone-to- seed areas will get our attention.   And remember this is a trine so this a positive pivot on our part.    It doesn’t mean we are all going to get pushed against the wall to look at stuff.   Rather it is more like an understanding or awakening and we make the shift.    We understand that if we take small steps we can accomplish bigger goals.   Bit by bit.  This is Taurus in a nutshell.

The trine with Pluto in Capricorn will be sending us to the root of stuff and gladly clean up areas that need cleaning.  Also, Pluto will empower us from our root chakra up.    Watch for 29 days and see how with little effort you find your power.    And how you use it in a very practical manner.    The shortest distance between A and B is a straight line.   Sometimes we forget about that short line and go out of our way to make others comfortable or out of fear of rubbing up against someone.   Not this month.   For 29 days we will feel compelled to take that short line between A & B and we will be shocked how easy it was and we will be muttering all month long,  “Why didn’t I do it earlier?”

 Go to link above for the whole article.


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