Friday, May 20, 2016

Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon

May 21
5:41pm  EDT

The Sagittarius full moon is coming in with gusto.   Mars in Sag brings a warrior spirit.   We  should expect a lot of energy, which means there will be a shit load of people with a ton of opinions shooting off their mouth.   
Yes, the loud people will be extra blustery.   But don’t be surprised if the so-called meek are found waxing on and on about what they believe.   Everyone has opinions this weekend.    Sometimes there is value in admitting what you don’t know….but no one is doing that this full moon.  
Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini is retrograde for the launch of the full moon.   So, let’s not get too wrapped up when we are hearing the ‘facts’ laid out to us since they might not be exactly accurate.    It is not that everyone is lying, it is more that their beliefs might be getting in the way of the facts.   And their beliefs are very loud.   

The good news is the very next day Mercury will be turning direct.   Hurray.   And we still have a couple more days of the full moon after Mercury straightens out.   Perhaps we will be using the gusto to walk our talk after Mercury turns direct.   Sitting in the chair yelling at the TV or at the person sitting opposite of us won’t be as fun as getting up, doing some good and inspiring others which is of course the higher expression of Sagittarius. 

Venus in Taurus is right near the Sun at 1 degree of Gemini.  Even though the conjunction is out of sign, it is still sending a wave of ‘let’s get along’ to the full moon so nothing can ever get THAT out of control.    But this is not a moon to wear you thin skin.   Pinch. 

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