Monday, July 25, 2016

The USA Election Going Forward

If you live on earth and you own a TV or a computer then you are aware the United States is in the middle of a presidential election cycle.   If you are an American and you have not been paying attention to the race, well, first of all, I am in awe of your discipline to block it out, that is talent.  Second, I invite you to start watching because it is a circus on the edge of a shit show.       Even in the nose bleed section you will see cuckoo on crazy.   No kidding.

We have just completed the RNC and are into the first day of the DNC.     We are currently in the Cancer lunar cycle which began July 4 (fittingly) with the New Moon.   On the new moon chart there was an opposition to Pluto.  I said that the Pluto energy would be felt all 29 days and not to be righteous, but I was right.  Lord.  St. Paul, Baton Rouge, Dallas,  Nice,  Trump & RNC plagiarism, and hostile Ted Cruz,   and now DNC more emails leaked, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, angry Bernie Sanders fans,  Putin's moles & Hilary Clinton.   Does everyone remember, Pluto is the ruler of the underworld?     Pluto means business this cycle.   And he is about power including corrupt power.   And it is all out there for us to see.   No, kidding.

Today I saw Bernie Sanders get booed by his delegates when he said to support HRC.   Pissed is pissed.    And this is the start of the week.  Okie dokie.

It is difficult to use astrology to figure out a winner in a presidential election.  Here is a great article that explains how difficult it is to forecast.  However that doesn't stop us from trying!   I  remember in 2000 when the recount was going on for Gore V Bush and everyone was having a hard time locking on the astrology of who would win.  Primarily because we weren't in the skin of Gore or GWB.  Is Jupiter a win for Gore or is Jupiter a relief that he doesn't have to do the world's worst job?  Who knows?  
 It was not until one astrologer and I can't remember who did it but the astrologer took the two charts out a couple years and Gore had aspects that suggested he was in an educating cycle and GWB's chart looked like someone who was at war.    It was then the astrologer said, "Gore will lose"   And of course that was correct.  Gore lost the electoral college and later he did go in 'teacher mode' with his tour of an Inconvenient Truth.  And GWB was at war which we are still fighting.  Sigh.

Anyway, having said all that, I am going to put up some posts that speak to the astrology of our election going forward.  I have been waiting until we got to the conventions.   My experience is sthat tuff will start to unfold and line up with the charts.  Let's all do it together.

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